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Do you know the ebike controller?

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The electric vehicle controller is the core control device used to control the start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop of the electric vehicle motor and other electronic devices of the electric vehicle. It is like the brain of the electric vehicle and an important part of the electric vehicle. 

Briefly speaking, the controller is composed of peripheral devices and the main chip (or single-chip microcomputer). Peripheral devices are some functional devices, such as execution, sampling controller circuit diagrams, etc. They are resistors, sensors, bridge switch circuits, and devices that assist single-chip microcomputers or application-specific integrated circuits to complete the control process; single-chip microcomputers are also called microcontrollers, which are in one piece The integrated on-chip memory, decoder with signal language conversion, sawtooth wave generator and pulse width modulation function circuit, as well as the power tube of the switching circuit can be turned on or off, and the on time of the power tube can be controlled by the square wave. The drive circuit, input and output ports, etc., which control the speed of the motor are integrated together, and the computer chip constitutes

There will be many connectors on the controller, and different connectors represent different functions and functions

A. Motor

B. Display

C. Brake lever


E. Throttle

ebike controller

What special functions can be added to the controller?

A. Lamp function: (6V 36V 48V, etc.)

The system is equipped with instruments, and the lights can be controlled directly through LCD. If there is no instrument, it needs to be equipped with additional switch controller lights

B. Reverse function:

For gear motors (including nylon wheels), the reverse rotation of the clutch motor must be indicated.

The gearless motor can directly realize the reverse function.

Reverse-reverse, some modifications are disabled or tricycles, agricultural vehicles, or when the customer needs to rewind, you can do the reverse function, through an additional reverse switch, the general backward speed should be as slow as possible, the conventional 6km/h at most Cannot exceed 10km/h)

ebike controller function

C. Horn function

D. Alarm function

E. Brake reverse charging E-ABS function (Regeneration) 1S or 0.5S 3-5A reverse charging during normal riding, which is related to power

F. Motor self-locking function (need to be used with an alarm, when the car is parked there, you will trigger the alarm when you move the car, when the alarm alarms, at this time the controller will self-lock the motor, resulting in wheels Can't move, the motor is stuck.)

G. Power halved: According to national policy, the law restricts electric bicycles on the road. For example, Brazil orders a 500W motor and requires

If the power is halved, a 500w car can be used to ride on city roads.

So do you have a new understanding about the electric bicycle controller now? If you have any questions, please discuss them with us.

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