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/city-electric-bicycle.htmlElectric bike refers to an electromechanical integrated personal bike which uses battery as auxiliary energy and is equipped with motor, controller, battery, steering parts such as handlebar and display instrument system on the basis of ordinary bicycle. Our electric bike include electric city bike, electric mountain bike, electric road bike, fat tire electric bike, electric folding bike, electric tricycle, electric mobility scooter and so on.
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  • Check the weather forecast

    Before heading out for your ride, be sure to check the weather forecast. Meanwhile, the weather condition in the autumn season changes frequently. Thus, you should always confirm if it is safe to ride outside before going on the road. Being unable to predict your environment's weather could cause a mess since e-bikes do not have an overhead covering like vehicles.

    Beware of falling leaves

    Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year, but it also comes with a downside – fallen leaves on the road can create slippery conditions and make it difficult to ride your bike. When riding in an area that is covered in leaves, be sure to take extra care when turning corners or braking suddenly. Consider investing in good quality tires that have good tread, which will help maintain your traction and keep you safe.

    Guard your tires

    As the temperature of the environment drops, your tire's PSI also drops. You should pay more attention to the tire pressure of electric bicycles when riding in the fall. You can also install front and rear fenders on your e-bike to keep out rain and mud.

    Check the light

    Before you head out on your ride, and be sure to use front and rear lights as needed. This will help ensure that you stay visible to other road users, especially during the early morning or evening hours when it's darker outside. With a little bit of preparation and caution, you can enjoy safe and fun electric bike rides this autumn season!

    Maintain the chain

    Regularly check and clean your bike chain to reduce wear and tear, prevent squeaking, and improve overall performance. If you notice any cracks in the chain or links that are broken or bent out of shape, it's important to replace it as soon as possible. With proper maintenance and care, you can enjoy a smooth and reliable ride on your electric bike this autumn season!

    Stay visible

    One of the biggest challenges when riding an electric bike in autumn is staying visible to other road users. Whether you're cycling during the day or at night, be sure to wear brightly colored or reflective clothing to improve your visibility and stay safe on the road. Additionally, try to position yourself as close as possible to the side of the road so that passing drivers can easily see you. With these tips, you can have a fun and safe autumn season on your electric bike!

    Drink water and stay hydrated

    Remember to stay hydrated when riding your electric bike in autumn, as the cooler weather can lead to dehydration. Bring a water bottle or hydration pack with you, and take frequent breaks as needed to stay well-hydrated throughout your ride. By staying hydrated and well-nourished, you'll be able to enjoy longer rides on your electric bike and make the most of your autumn adventures!

    Wear the right clothes

    In order to enjoy a comfortable and safe ride on your electric bike this autumn, it's important to wear the right clothes. Be sure to wear layers that can be easily removed or added depending on the weather, and choose fabrics that are breathable and moisture-wicking to help regulate your body temperature. Other key clothing considerations include wearing a helmet, gloves, and shoes that provide adequate support for your feet. With the right preparation and planning, you can enjoy safe and enjoyable rides on your electric bike this autumn season!

    Warm up before riding

    It's important to take the time to warm up before you hit the road on your electric bike this autumn. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or new to electric biking, it's always best to start out with a gentle ride as your body adjusts to the cooler temperatures and changing conditions. You may also want to stretch before riding, especially if you will be riding for longer periods of time. By taking a few extra minutes to prepare yourself before your ride, you can ensure that you have a fun and comfortable experience on your electric bike this autumn season!
  • Battery Capacity
    One of the biggest factors that determines how far an electric bike can travel on a single charge is the size and capacity of its battery. Generally, larger batteries have higher capacities, meaning they can store more energy, which in turn allows them to travel further distances. However, this comes at a cost - larger batteries are heavier and require more maintenance, which can be inconvenient and uncomfortable for some riders. So, it is important to consider your own personal preferences when choosing an electric bike with a battery that best suits your needs.

    Speed Settings
    Another factor that can affect the range of an electric bike is the speed settings. Many electric bikes have different speed settings, ranging from slow to fast. Generally speaking, the faster you travel, the more energy it takes to maintain that speed, which can take a toll on your battery and reduce the distance that you can travel on a single charge. So if you are looking for an electric bike with a longer range, consider choosing one with lower speed settings so that you don't drain the battery as quickly.

    Weight and Load Capacity
    One other thing to consider when it comes to the range of an electric bike is its weight and load capacity. Because these bikes are powered by batteries, they can be quite heavy - especially if you have a large battery and other equipment attached to your bike. So, if you plan on carrying a lot of additional weight while riding your electric bike, this can reduce its overall range. Additionally, if you are a heavier or taller person, your weight and size may also affect the distance that you can travel on a single charge. So when choosing an electric bike with a longer range, be sure to consider these factors as well to ensure that it is a good fit for your needs.

    Driving Terrain
    This refers to how hilly or flat the area is where you will be riding your ebike, as well as any other obstacles in your path such as curbs and potholes. Generally speaking, if you are riding through more hilly or uneven terrain, this can significantly reduce the distance that you are able to travel on a single charge. Additionally, factors such as your weight and the load capacity of your ebike can also affect its range, so it is important to consider these things when choosing an electric bike that fits your needs. Overall, understanding what factors affect the range of an electric bike can help you choose one that is best suited to your needs and preferences.

    Weather elements also affect your e-bike's performance and mileage. The downwind will push and propel the bike forward adding to the range, while the headwind will make the motor work harder to propel forward causing the range to decrease. If it’s extremely hot or cold, that can have an impact on the range & will reduce the distance you will be able to travel on a full charge.And it’s not recommended to ride an electric bike in heavy rain, although most e-bikes have waterproof cables, the water will affect the service life of batteries, screens, and metal parts.

    Tire pressure
    Another factor that can affect the range of an electric bike is its tire pressure. This refers to how much air you have in your tires and whether they are properly inflated. The low tire pressure will increase driving resistance and cause your e-bike to consume more power. To avoid losing control and to prolong the life of your tires, make sure you keep them at the proper air pressure.

    Pedal-assist Level
    In our riding experience, the higher the pedal-assist level, the more power is consumed. Therefore, using a higher level of pedal assist reduces the range of your e-bike. A single charge will give you a longer range when using a lower pedal-assist setting. With lower battery drain, you may be able to go farther before you have to recharge. You can use the pedal assist level appropriately for the terrain you face. More pedaling while riding will reduce battery drain and increase your range.

    Riding Style
    When it comes to the range of an electric bike, another important factor is your personal riding style. This can affect things like how quickly you travel and how aggressively you turn, all of which can have an impact on the distance that you can travel on a single charge. To get the most out of your electric bike and its range, be sure to choose one that is a good fit for your riding style and any other specific needs or preferences that you may have.​

    Extra electric accessories
    Associated with each electric bike can also affect its battery range, such as front light and rear light. Even if the power consumption of these devices is small, it will still affect our range.
  • The Pros Of Riding Electric Bikes For Seniors

    Strengthen Heart and Muscles
    One of the biggest benefits of riding an electric bike for seniors is that it can help to strengthen both their heart and muscles. With regular use, e-bikes can help to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease, as well as a number of other health conditions that become more common with age. As a result, they can play an important role in maintaining overall health and wellness.

    Boost Brain Function
    For seniors who suffer from cognitive decline, riding an electric bike can be a great way to boost brain function. Many older adults find that physical activity, such as biking or walking, improves their mood and makes them feel more energized. As a result, e-bikes can provide the perfect combination of exercise and fun, making them an ideal choice for seniors who want to boost their brain function.

    Rejuvenate Immune System
    One of the biggest benefits of exercise for seniors is its ability to help rejuvenate the immune system. As we age, our immune systems can become weaker, making us more vulnerable to a number of different health conditions. By engaging in regular physical activity, such as riding an electric bike, seniors can help to strengthen their immune system and reduce their risk of developing a wide range of health problems.

    Reduce Stress Levels
    In addition to boosting brain function and rejuvenating the immune system, regular exercise can also help to reduce stress levels. For seniors who are dealing with anxiety or depression, riding an electric bike can be a great way to stay active and boost mental health. In fact, research has shown that physical activity is one of the best treatments for both anxiety and depression.

    Helps in Weight Loss
    One of the biggest benefits of riding an electric bike for seniors is that it can help them to lose weight. Many older adults struggle with excess weight, and this can lead to a number of health problems. With regular use, e-bikes can provide seniors with an effective way to shed unwanted pounds and enhance their overall health and well-being. In addition, e-bikes can also help seniors maintain a healthy weight once they've achieved their desired weight.

    Improves Social Life
    Finally, another major benefit of riding an electric bike for seniors is that it can help to improve their social life. Whether they're riding alone or with friends, seniors who use e-bikes are able to stay active while spending time with other people. This is especially important for older adults who may be dealing with the effects of isolation and loneliness, as regular exercise can help to reduce feelings of isolation and increase social connections. Overall, e-bikes provide a great way for seniors to stay healthy while enjoying time with friends and family members.

    Safer and More Environmentally Friendly
    Riding an electric bike is much safer and more environmentally friendly than driving a car. Not only can it help to reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on gas or public transportation fares, but it can also make cycling much less dangerous. Because e-bikes are equipped with both pedals and an electric motor, seniors who are unable to pedal can still enjoy all the health benefits of cycling without having to worry about balancing or keeping up with other riders.

    Electric Power-Assist Without Pedaling
    Finally, a key advantage of riding electric bikes over other types of bicycles is that they provide power-assist without the need to pedal. This can be incredibly helpful for seniors who are new to cycling or struggling with arthritis or other issues that make pedaling a challenge.

    The Cons Of Riding Electric Bikes For Seniors

    Often More Expensive Than Traditional Bikes
    The cost of purchasing an e-bike is often higher than the cost of a traditional bicycle. In addition to paying more upfront, you'll also have to pay for any repairs that your e-bike might need. Although many bikes can be easily fixed by following DIY guides online, if you're not mechanically inclined or don't have the knowledge to do it yourself, you'll need to pay for professional bike repair services.

    Require More Work to Put Together
    Unlike traditional bikes, which typically only have a few simple steps that you need to follow in order to put them together, e-bikes often require more work. Before you can even take your new e-bike for a ride, you might need to do some assembly on the bike itself. In fact, most of the cons listed above relate to the fact that an e-bike is not a simple and straightforward piece of equipment. If you want to ride your bike for years to come, you'll need to invest both time and money into making repairs if something goes wrong – regardless of what type of bike you purchase.

    E-Bikes Are Usually Bulky & Heavier
    Electric bikes are much heavier and bulkier than traditional bikes. This is partly due to the fact that the battery and the motor add weight already. Since e-bikes are heavy, they’ll require more physical strength to move around or lift. This could be especially difficult if you have knee problems or back issues. Due to the weight and size, you may want to have someone around to help you move your electric bike.

    Potential For Injury
    Although riding an e-bike can be a great way for seniors to get exercise and stay active, it's important to consider the potential for injury that comes along with using one. Because of the added speed and weight of electric bikes, there is a greater risk of things going wrong when you're out on a ride. In order to reduce your risk of injury, it's important to wear protective gear, never ride in bad weather or high traffic areas, and always follow safety rules for the road.

    Need to Track Battery Charge
    One final con to consider when it comes to riding an e-bike is the fact that you'll need to track your battery charge. Since battery technology is constantly evolving, it's important to keep an eye on your bike's power level and understand how much juice you have left before you head out for a ride. If you don't pay attention to your battery level, you might end up out of power halfway through your ride – leaving you stranded and unable to get home.
  • How fast an ebike can go depends on the size of its motor. It is common to see ebikes categorized regarding their speed and functionalities using a tier system of three classes:

    Class 1 - 20mph with only pedal-assist

    These e-bikes are one of the most passive of them all. In fact, when you are taking a ride, they will only assist your pedaling but not your throttle. A class 1 e-bike will help you once you start pedaling. They will cease the assistance when you’ve reached 20 miles an hour.

    Class 2 - 20mph with only throttle-assist

    All of our e-bikes have a throttle. This is either a twist throttle or a thumb throttle located on the handlebars. When the throttle is used, the e-bike can be propelled without the rider pedaling - similar to a motorcycle. When you're riding a bike, 20mph is an ideal speed. These aren't our fastest electric bikes, but a top speed of 20mph will get you where you want to go quickly.

    Electric bikes with lower top speeds are great for leisure and exploring. Go out on the weekends to do a few errands close by, or take your bike down some paths that you've never visited. You don't need super high speeds to have a great time.With the throttle under your grip, you can adjust your speed as you go along. You can choose to use this type of model at its top speed, or ride at a slower pace. You can even test the bike to see if you can push it a little bit past the 20mph speed — just be safe if you choose to try it.

    Class 3 - 28 mph with only pedal-assist

    Class 3 e-bikes allow the bike to assist riders up to a speed of 28 mph when the rider is turning the pedals. When the e-bike reaches 28 mph, the motor assistance will be reduced until a speed of 28 mph or lower is maintained. Class 3 is a much more enjoyable way to experience the e-bike as it is closer to the speed a fit cyclist can achieve without motor assistance.

    With the higher top speed allowed by class 3 e-bikes, you have an even greater range of speed than a class 2 electric bike. If you want to ride more leisurely, you can absolutely do that. But, if you really want to get cruising, you can move a lot faster than other models. More speed is great when you have a tight time frame to finish your ride. Whether you're heading to work, an appointment or any other destination with a specific arrival time, these bikes may be the better option.
  • 1.When riding in the rain, mudguards are indispensable.

    They not only prevent sprays on wet roads from moving away from you, but also prevent large amounts of sprays on batteries and motors.

    2.Lights are also a good idea-especially when you are riding near a car or other pedestrians.

    Rain can quickly affect visibility, and even a small light can ensure that your presence will not be ignored. esoulbike front and rear lights can help you

    3.Slow down and relax in the corner.

    Just like driving a car on wet roads, your e-bike’s tires likely won’t hook up as well in the rain. Braking early and turning slower than normal are key to safe e-biking in the rain.

    4.Clean and maintain your bike after getting caught in the rain.

    Wipe the whole thing down with special care to dry the electrical components and battery. Remove the battery if you can and dry the terminals and the compartment. But also be sure to dry and relube the chain, as water can strip lubricants off your drivetrain and degrade your shifting. Also avoid using compressed air to dry your bike, as this can just drive water into sensitive parts like bearings and electrical componentry.
  • Steel e-bike frames
    E-bike frames made of steel have increased in popularity, but are beginning to decline. This is because other alternative frame materials are becoming more popular as the quality of the frame improves day by day.
    However, steel lasts longer than aluminium and is more convenient than other e-bike frame materials, such as titanium or carbon fibre. In fact, when we compare steel frames to any other material, we find that it is the easiest e-bike frame to repair, more durable and cheaper. Steel is easy to repair and easy to use, it has excellent corrosion resistance, plus it is highly resistant to vibration and its shock absorption provides a smooth ride without suspension support. Steel e-bike frames are more popular with riders on off-road rides because of their high shock resistance.
    Pros and Cons of steel e-bike frames
    * Easiest to maintain and easy to handle
    * Natural shock absorption
    * Durable and more cost effective
    * Corrosion resistant

    * Not readily available in the market, requires customisation
    * heaviest e-bike frame ever made

    Aluminium e-bike frames
    Aluminium frames are the most popular e-bike frame material, with approximately 75-85% of mainstream e-bikes using aluminium frames according to surveys. This is due to the material's affordability, light weight, ease of handling and simplicity. The use of aluminium e-bike frames is also easy to install and robust, and these frame materials provide e-bike performance that is good enough for the average or casual e-bike rider.
    There are two types of aluminium available on the market today, 6601 and 7005 aluminium alloy. 6601 is the most common material used for e-bike frame construction and is more cost effective and easier to work with than other aluminium materials. 7005, on the other hand, is not as common, but it is stronger and more resistant to corrosion than 6601.
    Pros and Cons of aluminium e-bike frames
    * Reasonably priced and cost effective
    * Lightweight and well balanced
    * Common material and readily available

    * Rapid corrosion, corrodes in 3-5 years
    * No natural shock absorption
    * Not suitable for rugged mountain riding

    Titanium e-bike frames
    Titanium is not very popular in the formal e-bike frame manufacturing industry, but you can expect titanium to perform with a higher level of corrosion resistance. Plus, you'll find repairs are more straightforward than with carbon fibre and aluminium. Titanium is long lasting and some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, which is testament to its durability and efficiency, so choosing titanium is better for those looking to customise their e-bike.
    However the fact that the titanium material is not easily available has led to it being more expensive. For this reason, titanium e-bike frames work best for premium mountain bikes or cargo bikes.
    Pros and Cons of titanium e-bike frames
    * Long life and easy to maintain
    * Best corrosion resistance
    * Provides the best weight support for a smooth ride

    * Less popular in the industry
    * Most expensive
    * Difficult to integrate wires

    Carbon fibre e-bike frame
    This is the ultimate and most innovative frame material currently in existence in the frame manufacturing industry. It is stronger than aluminium, as durable as titanium and steel and a much lighter material. The carbon fibre is bonded together by moulded resin, which means that there is no metal involved in these types of e-bike frames and it is almost as long lasting as steel and titanium.
    This e-bike frame material is more commonly found for those who need a lighter weight for racing, long distance touring or mountain biking.
    Pros and Cons of carbon fibre e-bike frames
    * Lightest weight
    * Lightest corrosion without metal involved
    * Best for creating unachievable and exotic designs

    * Easier to work out than titanium or steel
    * Requires strong suspension support as it is too light
    * Rougher and rawer riding feel
  • There are a number of essential aspects to consider when choosing the material you want for your e-bike frame. We have listed for you some of the aspects that you should consider.
    One of the most important things to consider when buying an e-bike frame is the budget you can afford. Aluminium frames are the most affordable option if you are on a tight budget. However, due to their limited durability, these e-bikes may not last more than 5 years, but may last longer if you are able to maintain them properly.
    Mountain e-bikes
    Titanium and carbon fibre e-bike frames are simply perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts. However, titanium is harder to find and more expensive than carbon fibre frames.
    City commuting
    If you need an e-bike for your daily city commute, a carbon fibre or aluminium e-bike frame would be an excellent choice. Frames made from these materials are light in weight and offer fast acceleration for riding in the city. However, we recommend that you opt for a carbon fibre e-bike frame when it comes to quality.
    Racing e-bikes
    Due to their light weight, carbon fibre e-bike frames are an excellent choice for off-road or racing. Carbon fibre provides fast acceleration and optimal battery life for your e-bike. However, you should be aware of your weight when choosing a carbon fibre e-bike, as e-bike frames made of carbon fibre are not friendly to heavier riders.
    Body weight
    If you are tall and heavy, then a carbon fibre frame is not for you as it is very light and has more potential for damage than other frames. Therefore, if you are heavier or taller, consider buying a steel or aluminium e-bike frame.
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