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As The Founders of GreedPedel,Flora and Snow have been in the electric bike industry since 2010.


When they founded the company in 2016, many of their colleagues questioned, can women provide the competitive services needed in a technology-based field?


Flora and Snow quickly responded by demonstrating their outstanding abilities. Their innovative responses to manufacturing and creative problem-solving methods displayed the high quality services that their potential clients can expect. They provided services that were outrivaled their male counterparts.

Their Answer for Success: Love

They have an ever-growing passion for this industry and are determined to make big impacts on international business as well.


As the company expands, GreenPedel is always looking for innovative minds to join the team. In 2018, Harper joined the ranks of managers. Now, there are three main managers of the GreenPedel company.


Their management styles demonstrate their love for the business and has a positive impact on the entire GreenPedel team. A team that loves their career is stable and will work for success and will strive to meet ever-changing goals.

Company History
The History Of The Company.

As The Founders of GreedPedel,we have been in the bicycle industry since 2010. we founded Greenpedel in 2016. Greenpedel was founded out of a passion for electric bikes and a vision of the global market for electric bikes


Presently, the GreenPedel team has grown to 40 members. From product design, R&D, manufacturing, installation, and quality control, our team provides complete product services.


5 years of business has passed, GreenPedel team continue to maintain our original mission to bring better product experience to e-bike users around the world.

Founded Greenpedel Brand In 2016

Founded Greenpedel brand, and independently developed 2 motor products and obtained 3 patents

Building Two Sales Teams, Sales Increase 100% Compare to 2016
The company moved to a new factory building.
The company's project was rated as the "Sailing Action" demonstration project in Changzhou City.
Flora, the founder of the company, participated in the provincial entrepreneurship competition "Chuangxiang Jiangsu" and was short-listed as an entrepreneurial model.
Register “GREEN PEDEL” In Europe And Amercia Successfully
The company has passed SGS entity certification.
Expand 3 e-commerce platforms and establish official website www.greenpedel.com.
Successfully entered the Spanish market and signed an exclusive agency agreement with Spanish customers
Albaba’s Transaction Datas Ranked TOP10 In Our Industry
Company upgrades Alibaba Jinpin Chengqi member.
The company has passed TUV entity certification.
Participated in 5 overseas exhibitions and 1 domestic exhibition.
The Company’s Founder Entered The E-bike Overseas Market In 2020
In 2020, the alibaba platform data reached the same category TOP1.
Add 3 B2B platforms.
Integrate one electric bicycle supply chain.
Compared with 2019, sales increased by 100%.



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