10 years focus on ebike conversion
10 Years Focus On
Ebike Conversion
Wide Range Motor Power for Option

We have a high quality motor supply chain, from the production of raw materials to the complete assembly, we can control the quality of the whole process. We have many kinds of ebike motors, the motor power is from 200W, 250w, 350w, 500w, 750w , 1000w, 1500W to 3000W, to fit different client's requirements. 


Various Control System Can be Customized
In addition to the most basic functions of the control system, we can also have more rich, personalized and customized functions. For example, headlight function, brake light function, reverse function, alarm function, Bluetooth function and so on. We can even customize the exclusive program for you, so that you can have your own unique control system and your own market.
Enough Stock Allows Fast Delivery
Since 2020, the production period of electric bicycle parts is very long. In order to speed up the delivery speed, we have prepared a large amount of inventory to provide our customers with fast delivery service.
To Be A Dealer
For Ebike Conversion Kit
What We Can Do For You
Market and Product Guidance
According to our years of sales data statistics and marketing experience, we can provide customers local hot products information
Customer Resources Recommend
We have very high online flow from the worldwide and We are committed to serving customers with good purchasing power,we would like to guide small customers to our local dealers
Rich Product Pictures and Videos 
We can provide professional pictures and video materials



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