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Ebike Manufacturer
Different Ebike System for Different 
bike model

You will find solution here for any style ebike.
The ebike system including motor, battery integrated in the frame, and control system solution. We can promise you to get the right electric system for your ebike, even we can supply the whole ebike frame, fork, braking system, shift system and other parts. If you are ebike manufacturer, welcome to contact us, you will save a lot of time and cost.


Rich Experience on Ebike Production
We have 3 ebike engineers who have more than 15 years experience on ebikes production.we can give you proper configuration according to your target market.
Support in Your Ebike Production Process
Do not afraid if you do not have much experience on ebike assembly, we will provide videos to show how to assembly each part.
In the process of ebike assembly, we have a lot of important points to pay attention to, and we will show them to our customers in the way of video teaching, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the later production.



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