After-sales Service Team

We have a team dedicated specifically for all after-sales matters. Our experienced personnel have specialties in different realms of after-sale servicing, meaning we can provide you with the proper information and solutions.Our team is readily available and will be able to respond to all claims within a 24 hour time frame.


After-sales Service Policy
Our team is commited to providing all customers with premium after-sales services. All purchases are backed by an extended 1-3 year warranty. During the warranty period, customers can access free after-sales product accessories, spare parts, and receive the latest product launches. (Please refer to the detailed after-service policy/view more )
Localized After-sales Services
We are ever-focused on improving localized after-sales services. This is in an effort to provide timely and efficient sales services to our customers world-wide. Currently, we have satellite after-sales offices in Europe and the USA for our battery division. We are also focused on improving these services to our other core components, such as motors or controllers. If you have the ability and interest to become a local after-sales service partner, please contact us as soon as possible.
GREENPEDEL aftersales team is ready to serve you.
Send us your request for your product problems, we will have a check and contact you as soon as possible.
Aftersales Service



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