Improve The Quality Control Management
We Are Always On The Road
Fixing on the company purpose of “ Quality first, Customer highest,service are first-rate” enterprise belief of “keep credit, stand public praise”, we support OEMODM, support customized service, and sample for testing.Our products come ROHS, ISO9001 certification. many exhibitions every year, we have the latest news and the newest products in the market .we can recommend the right products according to your requirements and the market conditions.
Incoming Inspection

According to our inspection standards for incoming materials, our inspectors need to complete incoming materials inspection within 24 hours after the materials arrived.

Confirm and check the quality of the purchased raw materials, components or products, that is, check the quality by sampling when the suppliers send the raw materials or components.
Inspection of semifinished product
For each part, we need to get the factory inspection report of the corresponding factory, and for the whole electric system, we need to carry out 100% inspection
System Loading Test
We have a cycling tester specially equipped. For new samples, we will arrange loading and cycling tests outdoors to ensure that the system matches and performance are completely correct
Finished Product Inspection
Before packing, QA will carry out sampling test of 5% of finished products according to finished product inspection standard, and keep inspection records
Greenpedel has passed ISO9001,ISO45001 and ISO14001 certificates



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