Green Pedel Culture
Mission & Vision & Value

To Make More Convenient Travel Options and Improve Transportation for Daily Life

We provide professional-grade, high-quality personal electric vehicle technology. Our mindset of sustainability and environmentally-friendly electric bicycles reinforces the benefits of GreenPedel's international lifestyle improvement initiative.
Become the electric bicycle space leader by innovating the industry and providing quality products.
GreenPedel's current competitive edge in the PEV industry comes from our expertise in manufacturing and distribution practices. We provide innovative solutions through techniques of resource optimization and streamlined manufacturing integration.
Customer first, teamwork, pure life, extreme work, and create a win-win situation!

1. Customer Oriented: We focus on our customers and their needs to ensure that every problem has a solution and that we can provide the most satisfying experiences possible. Our team will stop at nothing to ensure the success and satisfaction of our business partners through the use of high-quality services and expert team members.
2. Unity and Cooperation: Our team is unified under the same business goals with like-minded approaches to problem-solving and project management. Because of this, we can provide efficient and effective services to our customers.
3. Honesty and Integrity: Company transparency is the gateway to honest work. Our company will provide all the necessary information needed and show our passion for our work with our detail-driven team.
4. Co-Creating and Win-Win Environment: A work atmosphere where everyone contributes towards success creates more room for innovation and improvement. We strive to provide a platform for our team and company to improve with each day through co-creation and the development of win-win situations.




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