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Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Electric Bike conversion kit refers to the kit that convert a regular bike to electric bike. 

Typically, the electric bike conversion kit includes an electric bicycle motorebike battery, controllerdisplaythrottleebrake, and PAS. Customers can also choose front light

and rear light.


We usually have a front wheel hub ebike kit, rear wheel hub electric bike kit and mid drive motor conversion kit for option. Users in different regions generally choose other powers, such as the standard electric bike conversion kit of 250w, 350w500w, 750w1000w or even higher, 1500w to 3000w. A fat tire ebike conversion kit is also optional. Of course, an electric bike conversion kit of different sizes, such as 16-inch, 20-inch, 26-inch, 28-inch and 700C, is suitable for other models. You can find the electric bicycle kit ideal for you on our list.


Looking to buy an e-bike but worried about the high initial cost and subsequent maintenance costs? You can build your own DIY e-bike as an alternative. Want to start an electric bike kit business in your local area? Green Pedel can help you with both. Green Pedel specializes in e-bike kits and is an electric bike kit manufacturer. Our kits range from 200w to 3000w and are available for all types and sizes. Whether you have a 20" folding bike, a 26" mountain bike, or a 28" city bike, we have a kit to meet your needs.

Browse our website, and you can easily find some affordable and durable electric bike conversion kit, for example, e-bike conversion kits with batteries to assist your DIY e-bike project. In short, from mid-drive electric bike conversion kit and front-wheel electric bike conversion kit to any cheap electric bike conversion kit with batteries - there are countless creative tools for you to explore to suit your needs.

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  • Yes, a 250W motor can be sufficient for an electric bike, depending on your specific needs and preferences. While it may not offer the same power as higher wattage motors, it can still provide a satisfactory riding experience. Here are the three most important points to consider:

    1. Efficiency: A 250W motor is generally more efficient than higher wattage options, allowing you to maximize your battery life. It can provide a decent amount of assistance while ensuring a longer overall range.
    2. Legal Considerations: In many countries and regions, electric bikes with a 250W motor are classified as pedal-assist bicycles, which may come with certain benefits. These bikes are often exempt from specific regulations and licensing requirements, allowing for greater accessibility. So you need to find out about local laws and regulations and then make your choice.
    3. Terrain and Riding Style: The suitability of a 250W motor also depends on the type of terrain you'll be riding on and your preferred riding style. If you primarily ride on flat or mildly hilly terrains and prefer a more leisurely or moderate pace, a 250W motor can be sufficient.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of front and rear hub motors

    Front hub motors
    Let's start by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of front-wheel drive.
    - Front hub motors are lightweight and easy to fit to almost all bicycles.
    easier to service and replace.
    - The possibility of using front hub motors even on adult tricycles again.
    - Front hub motors allow for less maintenance requirements on the drive chain.
    - Less torque at low speeds, meaning tough riding on muddy roads.
    - The front hub motor will put more wear and tear on the front brake.

    Rear wheel hub motors
    How you prefer a rear hub motor, then here are the things you need to know to look out for.
    - The use of more sophisticated technology for rear hub motors.
    - Rear hub motors generally ride better on muddy roads.
    - Less wear and tear on the drive chain.
    - Rear hub motors can be heavy and affect the overall weight of the bike.
    - Rear hub motors will be more prone to spoke breakage.
    - Tyre changes can be more difficult than with front hub motors.
    - The rear brakes will experience more wear and tear.
    - More difficult to install, meaning that a professional may be required to do so.
    - Poorer overall weight distribution, which may lead to other problems.
  • 36V 13Ah battery has 30-40 miles of range

    36V 16Ah battery has 38-45 miles of range

    36V 18Ah battery has 42-50 miles of range

    48V 13Ah battery has 40-50 miles of range

    48V 16Ah battery has 50-60 miles of range

    48V 19.2Ah battery has 60-70 miles of range

    48V 21Ah battery has 65-75 miles of range

    All figures are in pure electric mode, the actual mileage will be farther if there is pedal assist.
  • I'd like to give you the facts and allow you to make your own decisions. I'll ask five questions and give you a recommendation based on each scenario.

    What Is Your Budget?
    I often see hub motors on entry-level bikes, but that's not always true. A hub motor e-bike may be premium, but it's generally more affordable than a mid-drive motor. A hub drive bike will be your best option if you want to spend as little money as possible.

    How Often Do You Ride Your Ebike?
    The maintenance costs of mid-drive bikes tend to be higher than hub motors because more moving parts need to get looked after. If you’re worried about high maintenance costs, hub electric bikes are your best option. But, if you’re after convenience, then mid-drive motors are the better choice.

    What Distance Do You Typically Ride?
    The range you get with mid-drive electric bikes is far greater than that of a hub motor. So if you ride anything more than 15 to 20 miles per day, you should consider getting a bike with a mid-drive. Even though you must constantly pedal, you won't feel as fatigued riding a mid-drive motor e-bike the same distance as a hub motorbike, especially over long distances.

    What Type Of Roads Do You Ride On?
    Hub motors will be wonderful if you ride on terrain mostly made up of straights or even downhills. And you'll be able to take quite a few breaks while cruising down the straights.

    If you have a few hills on your route, you want to consider buying a mid-drive motor e-bike because it'll assist you better with pedaling uphill.

    Do You Like Taking Breaks?
    The mid-motor works with the gears instead of directly powering your wheels, the motor only works when you pedal, but thanks to the efficiency of the mid-drive motor, you will feel less tired while riding. But since a hub motor applies power directly to the wheels, you can stop pedaling and still have power delivered to the wheels to keep moving.
    Unbolt and remove your old wheel
    Put on the new motored wheel
    Tighten the bolts. Check that the wheel is well secured and spinning freely.

    You can choose to use the bike without the throttle (required in some EU countries), but if you wish to use the throttle, please remove the grip from the handle and Install the Throttleon the left or right side of the handlebar.
    Install the Power Controller and Display.
    Install the Headlight and the Rear lights.
    Install the Break sensor. Would you please check that the condition of the brake cable is in good condition and that the threads are straight? The sensor can be installed near the break or the handle. Please note that the sensor arrow needs to point in the direction where the handle is.
    Install PAS. Remove the left pedal crank with the Toolincluded in the Kit and add the PAS. Reinstall the crank.
    Note: The Kit includes many kinds of supports and screws to install the parts.

    Tube Battery Installation: For the Tube battery, screw it to the existing holes on the downtube. Check that there's enough space for the battery and the cables below.

    Rack Battery Installation: For the Rack battery, please remove the existing one and replace it with the one included in the Kit.

    After the Tube or Rackmount is installed,just slide the battery in place and lock it.

    Left Picture: In the 250W models, the controller is built into the battery.

    Middle Picture: In the 1500W models, there's an external controller bag included in the Kit. You can place it on the frame itself like the top tube.

    Please connect the cables and use the included ties and wrapping to fix them in place.

    It is now time to know whether your labor has paid off and that you currently own an e-bike. To test these connections, you will have to run the system. Do this by doing a power cycle. Turn the throttle once it is on to see whether you can depend on the wheel's electric power. While on electric power, test the brakes to see if they can cut off power. You can test the Pedal Assist System by pedaling to see if the motor will start running. After confirming that everything is running as expected, ensure that the cables are well-secured to avoid hazards or accidents. If there are no problems, you can start enjoying the ride!
  • Pros for Electric Bike
    The design of the complete frame and parts, the bicycle is stunning and tidy, integrated with the battery and internal cable wiring, there are no extra cables outside, and the waterproof effect will be better.
    Big brands of bikes have more quality assurance, and the after-sales service will be excellent.
    You need to be ready to use or store uout of the box or require minimal assembly, no strong hands-on ability or time-consuming assembly.
    Cons for Electric Bike
    When the warranty finally expires, repairing any malfunctions can be very expensive.
    Not accessible to upgrade-if you find that you need a more extended range battery, sometimes this option is not available.
    If you have an accident and your bicycle is not insured. Replacement parts can be costly.
    Pros for Electric Bike Conversion Kit
    If you already own a bicycle, you can make an electric bicycle according to your specifications. For example, if you plan to ride long distances, you can install a more robust remote battery.
    You can remove the conversion kit or replace it with a new bicycle at any time. If you want, you can move the electric bike kit to another bike in the future
    In the end, as technology changes or your needs change, you will have a better chance to upgrade your electric bike kit.
    Most Green Pedel electric bike conversion kits are fully waterproof; it uses an integrated waterproof cable, the controller wiring is straightforward and clear, easy to install and connect. The bike body is also clean and tidy.

    Cons for Electric Bike Conversion Kit
    A certain degree of mechanical ability is required to modify the bicycle on its own.
    These kits usually have a lot of wiring, which can make your finished bike look a bit "DIY".
    If you buy a factory-manufactured brand electric bike, it will most likely come with a 2-year parts and labour warranty.
  • Batteries: They contribute the most to the e-bike conversion kit's cost. These batteries are made of costly lithium-ion cells packed safely to make up a battery pack. It is also ensured that the batteries are made according to global quality standards, as poor quality batteries are highly prone to explode.

    Quality and Features: Many cheap quality e-bike conversion kits are available in the market. However, They're less durable, crude, noisy, and often have no features except throttle. In contrast, high-quality kits are manufactured after months of research and high-quality parts, so they are significantly better to use. They are also smarter and feature variable power and pedal sensors to measure pressure and cadence.

    Motor: Cheap quality kits come with heavier low-quality motors that add extra weight to the bike. However, high-quality conversion kits have lightweight, long-lasting, and energy-efficient motors that perform way better and increase the battery life. And obviously, these high-quality motors will add extra cost to the kit.

    Components: Some e-bike conversion kits are more expensive than others due to their features. Some kits only offer a motor, batteries, and controller, while others provide additional components like headlights, LCDs, wheels, etc.
  • The main advantage is that it allows you to ride longer distances on one charge, which is excellent for people who live in cities or work outside the home.
    The conversion kits cost much lower than a new electric bike.
    It provides a purpose to an old regular bike left to rust in the garage.
    Regular bikes are available in different types, including mountain, BMX, road, and folding bikes. In contrast, e-bikes have very limited variants. So, an electric bike conversion kit instantly helps you motorize your favorite bike type.
    If you are a mechanical hobbyist, these conversion kits are fun to install and swap between bikes.
    E-bike conversion kits are a greener option than an electric bike, as these kits help recycle the regular old bikes by converting them into e-bikes instead of manufacturing whole new ones.
    It can help you to save money on gas and maintenance costs, as you will use your electric bike instead of a motorbike or car for daily commuting.
    E-bike conversion kits are lightweight, so they won't add too much extra weight to your regular bike. Still, they will be much lighter than an electric bike.
Green pedel is the most well-known manufacturer of electric bike conversion kits in China, especially the hub motor ebike conversion kit, which is now produced in China. If you use alibaba.com to find a Chinese factory, you can easily see the Green pedel everywhere in the electric bike kit field.
We offer all kinds of electric bike conversion kits. Whether you are looking for an affordable Electric Bike Kit, Electric Bike Kit with Battery, or the Most Powerful electric bike conversion kit, we have quality products to meet all your needs. You can select the ebike kit you are interested in and get further details from us, or you can directly click the button below, and we will recommend it to you according to your needs, let's do a win-win business together.



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