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  • E-Bike Battery Care And Maintenance

    The heart of the e-bike is a battery. These things are great devices, storing a lot of energy in a small space. If looked after properly, these things can last a long long time, but you need to take care of them on and off your bike. In this article we're gonna be looking at all those tips and avoid   Read More>

  • Common E Bike Maintenance Mistakes

    Don't go believing that an e-bike is riddled with maintenance issues, because that simply is not true. Just like a normal bike, their a simple beast to maintain. Now, a mountain bike in general is a pretty durable bike.   Read More>

  • How To Cleaning An Electric Mountain Bike

    It's great fun getting out there in the mud in the wintry conditions on your e-mountain bike, but as fun as it is there's always going to be the big cleanup after, so today I'll be showing you how to wash your e-mountain bike.   Read More>

  • The rapid development of electric bicycles in the USA

    300 million e-bikes are expected to be used in the world in 2023. That's about one e-bike for every 26 people globally. The level of ridership is almost doubled or more every year since 2015. And we see no, no, no slowing of that in the years forward as we look at fuel prices increasing and other ch   Read More>

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