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  • Belt drives and chains of electric bicycles

    For electric bicycles, there are mainly two drive systems: belt drive and chain drive. Which is better, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Which one is more suitable for you? The chain is cheaper, easier to replace, and more efficient at low power output. However, they also requi

  • Why do electric bicycles have fat tires?

    Electric bicycles have been making waves in the bicycle world, and you may have noticed something unusual: their fat tires!What is an electric bicycle?The electric bicycle is a relatively new invention, but it is simple: just add an electric motor to an ordinary bicycle and you have an electric bicy

  • Battery is overcharged

    lectric bike kits or ebikes are equipped with a small motor that allows you to step on hills and around towns more easily. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery, which must be plugged into a charger and charged before it can be used to power the electric bicycle motor. Although charging the

  • Safety precautions for accidentally turning on the motor power

    Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular now, but sometimes there are some dangers. When you accidentally turn on the motor, you will be in a dangerous place. When encountering this situation, keep calm, and then you can protect some behaviors. Own 1. Turn off your electric bike kitUse t

  • 5 tips for safe riding

    Cycling is one of the most popular sports at the moment. It is undeniable that the development of electric bicycles has played an important role. Electric bicycles are environmentally friendly and mobile-you can ride as you wish. In addition, when you ride an electric bike, you should consider diffe

  • When will the bike be repaired

    A bicycle is a means of transportation, it has moving parts. Just like any mechanical equipment, it needs regular maintenance to keep it running so that you can get a smooth and safe ride and extend its service life. If the bicycle is not well maintained, you will have to work harder while riding, a

  • How to make the most of your electric bike battery

    An electric bicycle is essentially an ordinary bicycle with a motor, a display, and a battery added. Ordinary electric bicycle users can hardly affect the service life of the motor and display, but the battery is within our control. It is our "power" (pun intended) to take steps to keep the battery

  • Can you repair your electric bike battery?

    Electric bicycle battery is one of the most critical components of electric bicycle. Once the battery is no longer working properly, the motor and many other functions will be restricted. When something goes wrong, the first reaction of many electric bike riders is to try to repair the battery, beca

  • How long can the battery of an electric bicycle last?

    The battery on the new electric bicycle can last two to five years. The service life of an electric bicycle battery is determined by three main factors: 1. The type and brand of the battery used2. How many times has the battery been charged during its service life3. The age of the battery Before the

  • Don't be afraid, it rains while riding an electric bike

    It is great to travel on sunny days, but rainy days are also inevitable. Electric bicycles are waterproof like traditional bicycles. Even if they are not completely waterproof, they can withstand rain to some extent. Therefore, riding an electric bicycle in the rain is not a problem. Tips for ridin

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