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How do I change a tyre on my e-bike?

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Finding a flat tyre during a ride is the most upsetting thing. Something like this can change your mood and enthusiasm to continue riding. However, you can be well prepared for this situation.

It is also advisable to go for quality tyres as they last longer. Apart from quality, you should also consider the size of the tyres before buying them. The size of your electric car tyres is crucial as they determine whether your drive will be easy, smooth or tough. This article covers everything you need to know about fixing a flat tyre on your electric bike easily.


Does e-bike tyre air pressure have an effect?

Every e-biker can attest to how much air pressure affects tyres. Reduced air pressure can mainly lead to a flat tyre. Therefore, it is advisable to check and regulate the air pressure in your e-bike tyres before riding. You can check the tyres by squeezing each size. If the air pressure is fine, the squeeze will feel compact instead of hard. In addition, you can use tyre inflation pumps and kits to keep the air pressure high on your e-bike.

Worn rubber causes flat tyres

The probability of getting a flat tyre is high when riding with weaker tyres. In addition, your tyres will only be durable enough if the tread is aged. It is best to replace your tyres with new ones as soon as they feel softer than usual.

Avoid cycling on the roadside

Do not ride your bike on the side of the road to avoid puncturing your tyres. Objects such as nails, shards of glass and other sharp objects are often found on the roadside. Therefore, it is best to drive on the main carriageway to avoid a flat tyre.

Use of anti-flat material in inner tubes

Anti-flat material or dirt is a blockage in the tyre. How does it work? During a ride, objects may get stuck in the tyre, but anti-flat material prevents objects from flying out of the tyre during the ride. For this reason, it is recommended to use anti-flat material in the inner tube of the tyre.

fat tyre ebike

Other tips for replacing tyres on e-bikes:

1. You should ensure that you have a spare tyre.

2. Always check the maximum and minimum support pressure of the tyre. You can find the information on the sidewall of the tyre.

3. always use a pump with a pressure gauge to adjust the tyre pressure according to your weight, bike, model and riding requirements.

4. always make sure that there are no sharp objects in the inner tube before fixing a new tyre.

5. make sure there is enough rim tape in the rim before mounting the new tyre.

Precautions for e-bike tyres

When purchasing new tyres, it is best to choose good quality ones as these will last longer than poor quality ones. Therefore, check the various sizes and choose tyres that perfectly suit your riding style. You can choose from different sizes of wheels:

- Wheels up to size 23: These wheels are light and portable and are usually used on folding e-bikes.

- Wheels 23 and above: These larger sized wheels are mainly used by e-bike manufacturers. They are suitable for mountain, road and beach riding, and the Green Pedel all-terrain electric fat bike is a good example. It is 20 inches wide, making it perfect for all types of terrain.

Fat tyres on e-bikes

Fat tyres have a large diameter and wide rims, 20, 24 or 26 inches. E-bikes with fat tyres are mainly used in challenging terrain such as mountains. There are several advantages to using fat tyres. For example, fat tyres improve grip and stability while riding; they absorb vibrations and ensure a comfortable ride. These electric bikes are mainly suitable for the most challenging terrains including mountain riding.

Choosing the right tyre for the terrain

Do you have a specific terrain where you regularly ride your e-bike? It would be great if you could choose the right tyres for the terrain you ride your e-bike on. There are various types of tyres. These include road tyres, off-road tyres, commuter tyres, XC tyres, downhill tyres and BMX tyres. If you enjoy off-road riding, downhill tyres are one of the tyres to consider when buying an e-bike.


As you enjoy riding your e-bike, your safety should always come first. Therefore, it is vital that you know how to prepare for and prevent a flat tyre before you ride. One way to do this is to assess your tyre pressure to ensure that your tyres are in good condition while riding. In addition, you should also follow the recommended e-bike tyre replacement tips. Finally, when deciding which tyres to buy, make sure that the terrain you regularly ride matches the appropriate size.

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