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Is the 250w motor for an electric bike enough?

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Most commercially available electric bicycles have a rated power of 250w. However, whether the 250w motor is enough to meet the needs of your electric bike is still controversial? This is a problem that most buyers will encounter, especially those who live in hilly areas.

The main difference between a 250w and a 750/1000w motor is torque and speed. A 250w motor can easily allow you to reach speeds of 20 to 25 km/h on flat terrain. On the other hand, a 750 or 1000w motor can provide a speed of 25+ km/h on any terrain type.

This makes it easier to ride an electric bike on hilly terrain. In addition, even with large loads, you need speed; a 750 or 1000w motor is more suitable. Otherwise, the 250w motor is very convenient for electric bicycles.


Why do people want higher power motors?


Although the 250w motor is excellent for daily commuting, we all like bicycles, not to give us pleasure. This is why the demand for electric bicycles of 28km/hour or higher is increasing. Not only do we want our electric bikes to run faster, but we also need them to reach top speeds with less pedal travel. This means more power, torque, and acceleration. At a rate of 28 km per hour, one person can only provide about 20% of the required force. Therefore, most of the work is done by your motor and requires higher power. Most high-speed electric bicycles are equipped with 350 or 500W motors.

Motors with higher power can achieve better acceleration, faster speed, longer distances, and pleasant riding. Then you need to perform equally well on the city, mountain, and cross-country tracks.

Therefore, a 250W electric bicycle is unsuitable for mountainous terrain; a 350W motor can run, while a 500+w motor is idle on the landscape. This is why you find riding a 250W electric bike uphill difficult.

In addition, when looking for something personalized, psychologically, you need to constantly pursue something more significant (more power, higher speed, and higher torque).


How much power do you need?

1. 250w

For people weighing no more than 90 kg, a 250w electric bicycle motor can perform well on flat terrain. You can increase it to 20 km/hour and provide a better range on each charge. Therefore, 250w is a good choice for daily commuters and elderly people looking for lighter electric bicycles.

Because of the lower torque, they provide less assistance on hillsides and may require hard pedaling. The acceleration is very slow, and the motor will be damaged after repeated use on the mountain. As long as you stick to the paved road, you can still use it generally in hilly areas.


2. 350w 

When the 350w electric bicycle motor rides on flat ground, there is not much difference between them and the 250W counterpart, but you will see more significant changes on the hill. Although it provides a higher top speed on flat ground, the torque, acceleration, and range remain almost unchanged.


For a 250W motorbike on the mountain, it will feel more stable, and the acceleration will be more linear. In addition, you no longer have the risk of motor failure and can now carry heavy loads. These bicycles are still light but have more power.


3. 500w

500w electric bicycle motor, although it also has a maximum speed range of 25 to 30 km/h, just like a 350w motor; these accelerate faster and require less help. In addition, you can get more torque and power, which means it can drive fast on flat terrain and uphill tracks.

These electric bicycle motors are more suitable for those who like to travel long distances on electric bikes, live in hilly areas, and need decent off-road electric bikes, faster speeds, and better assistance.


3. 750w

The most versatile category of electric bicycles is as powerful and legal as electric bicycles. This is the maximum allowable power of American motors. And the powerful motors are very durable.

Built for performance, the speed can reach 28 km/h on paper, but the actual speed can reach 30-32 km/h. One of them will be easier to go uphill, the maximum carrying load. The acceleration is smooth and fast, making the team riding fun.

This is one of the electric bicycle motor powers you use for leisure and work, not exercise.


4. 1000+w

The 1000w electric bicycle motor has a maximum speed of 45 km/h, providing more incredible grip and ground traction. The motor is stronger and more stable than other motors and can carry too heavy loads. But it's also bulkier.


In short, a 250w electric bicycle motor is enough for ordinary adults. Not only is it within the legal scope of all countries/regions, but it is also lightweight, inexpensive, provides more mileage, is reliable, and feels exactly the same as an ordinary bicycle. In addition, it is very suitable for exercise with a bit of help.

But if you are unsatisfied with its performance, need to go uphill, or need a higher speed, just upgrade to a higher-power electric bike. But with extra power, weight, and speed, you need to be more cautious in heavy traffic.


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