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  • A basic guide to storing your e-bike safely
    It's important to know that e-bikes have become increasingly popular over the past few years, but with that comes some problems. While they are great for short and long journeys, they have a problem - how to store them safely. If you don't want to lose your precious e-bike, you'll learn how to store
  • E-bike Camping Guide
    As the weather gets warmer, there are more and more activities you can do outdoors on your e-bike. One of them is camping on an e-bike. Spending time outdoors in nature while getting physical exercise is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your physical and mental health.One of the most
  • How do I change a tyre on my e-bike?
    Finding a flat tyre during a ride is the most upsetting thing. Something like this can change your mood and enthusiasm to continue riding. However, you can be well prepared for this situation.It is also advisable to go for quality tyres as they last longer. Apart from quality, you should also consid
  • What is a dual battery e-bike?
    Are you an adventurous person looking for a more powerful and reliable electric bike for your cross-country trips? Then you must know more about dual battery electric bikes. Not only do these e-bikes offer the convenience and sustainability of a regular e-bike, but they also offer double the power a
  • How e-bike pedal assist works: speed and torque sensors
    Most city dwellers can attest to the fact that e-bikes are easier to use, more efficient and more fun for riders of all experience levels, thanks to pedal assist systems with stride and torque sensors. Pedal Assist Systems (PAS) provide additional power to the rider and are a distinguishing feature
  • Do you know the durability of e-bike components?
    IntroductionAn e-bike is not only a means of transport, but also a gateway to a world of adventure and endless possibilities. It offers the freedom to explore, the fun of pushing boundaries, and the thrill of riding in the arms of nature. Whether you're speeding along busy city roads or conquering r
  • How to use the e-bike battery correctly?
    E-bikes offer a convenient, environmentally sustainable mode of transport that improves the way we travel. These e-bikes are popular because they offer increased convenience in travelling. However, recognising the potential risks associated with electric batteries is vital as incidents of battery fi
  • How e-bikes are changing travelling?
    The e-bike revolution has arrived and it is changing the way we travel.With their innovative design, ease of use and low environmental impact, e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular with cyclists of all ages and experience.But what exactly are e-bikes? And more importantly, are they worth riding?
  • E-bike battery maintenance in winter everything you need to know
    As winter approaches, you may find yourself pondering the fate of your e-bike. Perhaps you're eager to continue your exhilarating exercise during the cold, wet season. Or maybe you're looking for guidance on how to store your e-bike for the long term.At Green Pedel, we understand your concerns, and
  • Electric Bicycle Accidents A Comprehensive Guide to Prevention and Safety
    Bicycles have been a popular mode of transport for many years. However, it is easy to accept the superiority of e-bikes due to their additional benefits, including improved health. While e-bikes are great at helping us maintain an active lifestyle and get to our destinations faster, they come with a
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