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The electric bike controller is the core control device used to control the start, operation, advance and retreat, speed and stop of the electric bicycle motor and other electronic devices of the electric bicycle. It is like the brain of the electric bicycle and an important component of the electric bicycle. 

Briefly speaking, the controller is composed of peripheral devices and main chip (or single chip microcomputer). Peripheral devices are some functional devices, such as circuit diagrams of executive and sampling controllers, etc. They are resistors, sensors, bridge switch circuits, and devices that assist single-chip computers or application-specific integrated circuits to complete the control process; 

Single-chip microcomputer, also called microcontroller, is a computer chip formed by integrating memory, decoder with signal language conversion, sawtooth generator, pulse width modulation function circuit, driving circuit and input/output port which can turn on or off the power tube of switching circuit and control the turning-on time of the power tube by square wave to control the speed of motor.

We have sinewave controller and squarewave controller for choose.

Sinewave controller have several advantages:

1. the controller mute the whole process

2. linearity is generally better than square wave control

3. higher motor efficiency under heavy load and acceleration (the waveform is more in line with the working principle of the motor). 


1. Matching is troublesome. 

2. The price is higher than that of square wave control. The price comparison of high power is especially obvious. 

3. The controller itself consumes more power than square wave control. 

4. The extreme speed is around 86%, and higher speeds need to be matched with the field weakening function.

Squarewave controller have several advantages:

1. matching simple controller is more reliable (the principle of simpler and more reliable)

2. cheap

3. saving electricity when cruising compared with sine wave control

4. accelerating can be more violent

5. EABS braking effect is stronger than sine wave control

6. high voltage utilization ratio can directly run out of motor speed without weak magnetic field


1. 0-5km/h, big starting vibration

2. noises

3. parts of low-end control, non-linearity and easy impact

4. parts of which are not smart enough, and basically can't be adjusted after leaving the factory

5. Acceleration and heavy load, etc. The motor efficiency is low

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