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Road bike maintenance

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Whether you are a sun cyclist or an all-weather warrior, you need to take care of your bike. This will keep your components in top condition and prevent excessive wear. Every cyclist has his own routine of cleaning and maintenance work. So what can you do to ensure that your bike stays in top condition?

Check out our tips below

Give your bike a bath

If your bike gets soiled by dirt or salt in winter, give your bike a shower before you jump in. Use garden hose or mobile bicycle cleaner. Do not use a high pressure washer: this will also wash away the grease in the bearing, which can lead to wear and rust. Use warm water

Clean bike

If you are riding during the season, it is best to foam the bike with a simple rinse. Cleaning gloves makes this very easy. The advantage of cleaning the bicycle with gloves is that it will not scratch the bicycle. In this way, you can better reach certain positions of the bike and "feel" it better.

Clean the chain

If you are out riding in dry weather, simply wipe it with a dry cloth. Most of the dust sticking to the oil will disperse.

If you are in the rain, then the chain is more concerned. Sand and other dirt can enter the chain. It can be skimmed, but be careful not to use too much!

If it does so, it may also remove any lubricant on the internal parts of the chain, and once it is removed, it cannot be reapplied. Then rinse off the degreaser with water.

Clean the drive system

If there is dirt on your chain, then the rest of your drivetrain may also have dirt. The flywheel and guide wheel also need to be cleaned, otherwise the chain will become dirty again. Without a brush, these parts are hard to reach. Rinse with water.


Lubricate the chain

Use chain oil to lubricate the chain at least twice, preferably the night before the ride, so that the oil can enter the chain links.

The oil used in dry weather is less viscous and can prevent dust from sticking to the chain. The oil used in wet weather is thicker and not easy to wash off.

However, if you use it in dry weather, dust will stick to the grease and your chain will soon become dirty again.

Wax the frame

Dry the bicycle with a soft cloth. Do not use the same fabric for the frame and the chain, because you may not want chain grease on the frame. Waxing to give your bike a new look. This will also make the next cleanup easier. Wax ensures that dirt has little chance of sticking to the frame or component. However, please make sure not to get any wax on the brake discs!

Check the brake pads

Check the brake pads before storing the bicycle. Road bikes: If you no longer see the wear indicators or the wear is uneven, you must replace them.

Mountain bike: If there is only one millimeter of braking surface left on the brake pads, replace them.

Check bolt

Check the bolts on the bicycle regularly. Vibration during riding can loosen the bolts. Use a torque wrench to tighten them.

Almost all bolts have an indication of the required torque specification, which is represented by a number and the abbreviation "NM". For example, if you install a new pedal or seatpost, it is best to use some assembly paste.

This ensures that you can loosen the bolts later and prevent creaking and creaking, while preventing dust from sticking between the bolts and the frame.

Check tires

Check if they are not worn, if there are cracks or cuts. Worn tires will not only increase the chance of being punctured, but the grip will also be greatly reduced. On wet roads, road gravel tends to stick to the tires. Check tire pressure regularly.

Do I need to clean the bike after every ride?

It depends on the conditions. If there is a lot of salt on the road or the trails are muddy, it is wise to clean them once a week.


According to your experience, this can all be done in 30 minutes. If it's just freezing or raining, then cleaning and lubricating the transmission system is sufficient.

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