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36v or 48v, which one is more suitable for you?

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There are some differences between 36-volt and 48-volt electric bicycles. Although some differences are small, they will affect the riding experience to a certain extent. Stay and learn more.


What is the difference between 36 and 48 volt electric bicycles?

One of the main differences between 36-volt and 48-volt electric bicycles is the critical current consumption. For example, you use a 48-volt battery to consume 10 amp-hours (AH) to 40 amp-hours.


On the other hand, you can get about 15 amperes of current from a 36-volt battery.


Obviously, a 36-volt battery will strain the battery, because an electric bicycle needs one-third more current to get the same amount of power. The extra pressure means that the battery and other accessories will become hot, which affects efficiency.


In terms of weight, 48-volt batteries are larger and heavier than 36-volt batteries. They have more batteries, which not only increases the weight, but also increases the price. You can also get more range by keeping the extra voltage.


With a 48-volt electric bike, you can choose additional speed and torque, but at the expense of mileage.


36 and 48v , which one is more enjoyable?

Each configuration has its advantages and disadvantages. The main purpose of the higher price of 48 volts is to increase the range. 48 bolts accelerate too fast for some people, which makes the experience a bit unnatural, especially when taking scenic routes.


There is a significant difference between pedaling and twisting the accelerator because it excludes you as a rider. Of course, some people will find this interesting, but others want some dignity to ride an electric bike that doesn't look like a motorcycle. They still want to make the peddling a sense of accomplishment.


But then again, some people have no problem with the 48v 750w monster and don't mind the more powerful throttle. The goal is to get there quickly, just like commuting. In this case, the purpose is more important when deciding between voltages

How much power does an electric bicycle need?

The power required by your electric bike depends mainly on two factors: the terrain you will ride and your weight. The bigger and heavier you are, the more power you need. The same situation applies to whether you have to climb dozens of slopes.


The heavier you pack, the more power you need to accelerate. The steeper and longer the slope, the more power you need to reach the top.


For example, a person who weighs about 100 pounds and lives in a flat community will be comfortable riding a 24 volt, 250 watt electric bicycle. If the same person lives in a hilly community, all this will change. They need close to 400 watts of power to travel easily.


To achieve a peak power of approximately 400 watts, your electric bike needs a 12A controller and 36 volt battery (36V x 12A = 432W). This strength is sufficient to bear a weight of 100 pounds. Individuals go up the mountain.


For electric bicycles weighing more than 250 pounds, the power demand has risen significantly. They need at least 1,000 watts in hilly communities. They also need a 48-volt battery and a controller of approximately 25A.


But in long-distance uphill riding, the problem of 1000 watts and above is that overheating starts to become a problem.


Ideally, test rides on different electric bicycles with different power levels to determine the best bicycle for you. If you feel that the electric bicycle decelerates too much when going uphill, it means that the motor and connector are working too hard. Change to a higher power setting, unless you want to burn out the components.


Another factor to consider is cargo. In addition to your weight, how much load do you have to bear? Select the next power level to provide additional power for the trailer or child seat.


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