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Electric Brake Levers vs Brake Sensor

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Unlike the brake levers used on a regular bike, e-brake levers are used to cut off power while doing machanical brake. Especially when the power is enormous, we need this to cut off the power to keep ourselves safe.


Two options are available: replaced brake levers or brake sensors that adapt to your existing brake levers.

Electric Brake Levers

Inside the joystick, a sensor detects when you have pulled the brake cable, and then sends a signal to the controller to turn off the motor.


If your bicycle is equipped with a combined gear lever, it is not recommended to use it because you must replace an independent gear lever to install it next to the new brake lever. It does not apply to bicycles with hydraulic brake levers.

Install :

1. Remove the handle from the bicycle.

2. Remove the old brake lever.

3. Slide the electric brake lever onto the handlebar of the bicycle.

4. Confirm that the brake cable and electrical cable are well connected.

Brake sensors

There are also two types of Brake sensors, brake sensors and hydraulic brake sensors

The brake sensor MS-BK-1R is small and reliable. When the brake cable is pulled, it detects and sends a signal to the controller.


The brake sensor MS-BK-2R consists of two parts: a magnet sensor, a magnet glued to the brake base, and a magnet glued to the lever. When you pull the lever, the magnet will move away from the sensor, which will cut off the motor.


If you have a combined shift lever or hydraulic brake, which can prevent you from removing the existing brake lever, the brake sensor 02 is a good choice for turning off the motor.

Install :


    1. Please distinguish the difference in brake sensor between the Model: MS-BK-1R and Model: MS-BK-1F before mounting. See table below

    2.Make sure brake line is well, you can't use a broken brake linethrough the brake sensor ,see picture below.




Before installing the brake sensor and magnet, you should consider their location. The magnet is mounted on the brake lever leg and moves when braking. The sensor is fixed within a distance of less than 5mm from the magnet (usually fixed on the brake lever or shift lever)


Then use 3M tape or glue to fix the sensor to the non-moving part of the brake lever or shift lever. Move the magnet on the brake lever leg to a sensitive position, and fix the magnet with 3M tapes, glue, or self-locking packaging cable.

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