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New arrival dozens of fashion electric bike PART 2

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Following the new arrival electric bicycle recommended to you last time, this time we will introduce two mid-motor electric bicycles and three electric cargo tricycle. 

As we all know, the price of the mid-set motor will be much higher than that of the hub motor. Of course, there is a natural reason why the mid-set motor is so expensive. Compared with the hub motor, the mid-set motor has higher torque, which means better climbing performance. At the same time, the overall performance of the mid-set motor will be better, and the mid-set motor has a lower center of gravity distribution. The middle motor can provide higher speed through gear transmission.

Then first of all, this vanka mid-motor electric bicycle is also aluminum alloy 6061 frame, with a power of 48 V and 350 W, with a maximum speed of 40km/h, front and rear disc brakes, 27.5*2.1 tires, LCD muti-function display, and then with 48 V and 10.4 Ah batteries using Samsung batteries, the configuration is very high-end, giving the best riding experience.


Then came our second mid-motor electric bicycle, and he was also an electric cargo bike. Bafang G520 36v 250w mid drive motor has a maximum speed of 30km/h, and can reach a mileage of 150km with a super battery of 36v 24.5Ah, which can be said to be the ultimate endurance. In terms of bicycle components, Aluminum alloy 6061 frame, front and rear disc brakes, wide tires of 20*4.0, please contact us if you like.


Then came this predecessor electric tricycle, with motor power of 500-750w, battery capacity of 10.4Ah-17Ah, maximum speed of 40km/h and mileage of 40-60km. In terms of bicycle hardware, the front and rear disc brakes, aluminum alloy 6061 frame, and tires of 20*4.0 are commonly configured.


Finally, this is a casual and fashionable electric tricycle. It has orange and green colors to choose from, and its configuration is similar. 20*4.0 tires, aluminum alloy 6061 frame, front and rear disc brakes, etc., 48v 500w front motor, the maximum speed can reach 32km/h, 48v 10.4Ah-17Ah batteries to choose from, and the driving mileage is 40-60km

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