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How to avoid the controller from overheating

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The Ebike controller may overheat and will not be dangerous in the short term. Depending on where it is located, overheating may become a problem. First, check the position of the controller if it gets hot too fast. Are there enough air passages? Is the controller hidden or located in an open place?


There are several solutions to this problem:


1. Replace the controller with a more powerful controller

Disassemble the controller and check how the transistors are tightened, replace them if necessary, install or replace the cooling system.


2. Avoid overheating of the electric bicycle motor

The motor temperature should be monitored while driving, because overheating of the electric bicycle motor will cause the motor to malfunction.


Keep in mind that when driving on or uphill on rough terrain such as sand or gravel, the engine will be subjected to greater pressure. However, if these high loads are short and unsystematic, they will not cause any damage to the motor components.


It usually takes up to 20 minutes of constant load to reach the critical engine temperature (over 200 °F). Therefore, extreme cycling enthusiasts should remember these simple but important rules to avoid engine failure in the future. After the system has been loaded for a long time, rest for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the motor temperature to return to normal.


Remember, riding with a flat tire will put extra stress on the motor. If you plan to ride on rough terrain, do not flatten your tires.


Please follow the rules below to prevent your electric bike from overheating and prolong the life of your electric bike:


  • Install or replace the cooling system for your electric bike controller,

  • If necessary, check and replace the transistor of the controller,

  • Treat your electric bike carefully and control the load on the controller and motor,

  • Monitor the temperature of the motor,

  • Do not ride for 20 minutes or more at the highest temperature of the motor,

  • Rest for up to 15 minutes to get your motor temperature back to normal

  • When riding on rough terrain, do not flatten your e-bike tires.

The core of the controller's electric bicycle is the "brain" that controls other components, which can protect the controller well and also protect your electric bicycle!

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