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How to adjust your e-bike Derailleur

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Whenever you ride your e-bike but find that your gear changes are not smooth, there is a good chance that your electric self derailleur is causing the problem. Most of the time, derailleurs are something that we need to get adjusted regularly, as an out of alignment derailleur can lead to gear change problems. Some riders may think that a bike shop is the only way to fix a problem when faced with an e-bike shifting problem. However, you can fix the problem with some straightforward adjustments to get your e-bike back to normal.
Often, when you use the shifter while pedalling, the derailleur on your e-bike will move the chain from one cog to another. Whenever your e-bike gears or chain are dirty, it will affect your correct shifting. Also, if you hear a noise coming from your e-bike or the chain coming off its free gears, then you need to adjust the derailleur. The adjustment process is very simple and with this article, we are sure you can successfully fix it yourself.

What is an e-bike derailleur?

An e-bike derailleur is a control device that enables you to change gears while riding. It is usually found on the back of the e-bike frame. The derailleur has a mounting bolt and a movable arm at the other end that helps the chain of the e-bike to run. As you move the gear up or down, the derailleur moves the e-bike's chain into the proper position.
The derailleur is a good choice for those riders who want to make the most of their e-bike motor. Electric bikes with higher torque performance, such as Green Pedel's commuter electric bikes use derailleur gears rather than internal gears, allowing the motor to operate at maximum torque capacity.
Green Pedel's Shimano 7-speed transmission allows you to shift effortlessly and adapt to all terrains, it is lightweight and easy to maintain or replace.

How do you know you need to adjust your e-bike derailleur?

You know the derailleur on your e-bike needs adjusting when you hear a clicking sound.

In addition, you can watch for changes in your gear movement. If you want to move up but it won't listen to your commands, then you should make the necessary corrections and adjustments as soon as this happens.

How do you adjust your e-bike derailleur?

When it comes to adjusting derailleurs, there are several ways to do it. Next we present you with a few simple steps to follow.
Step 1: Prepare your e-bike
Before you can adjust your derailleur, you must prepare your e-bike for the whole process. You will need to switch off your e-bike by pressing the power button on your e-bike. Then you proceed to remove the battery, this is for your safety. After that, get a cloth or a smooth brush and clean the dirt and other stains from it. It's a good idea to have a screwdriver ready when you move on to step 2.
Step 2: Check the derailleur
Look at the derailleur located at the rear wheel and check that it is located just below the gear selected by the gearstick lever, in first gear the chain should be at its maximum position and in seventh gear the chain should be at its minimum position. If the derailleur is not hooked up under the specific gear then you will need to take it to a specialist service to have it checked.
Step 3: Make the necessary adjustments.
This adjustment process depends on a number of situations, which we list for you next.
* When the chain is disengaged from the freewheel
A chain coming off the freewheel of an e-bike can be caused by the derailleur cog being too close to work too far away. You have to find and adjust the limit screw of the derailleur cable. If the chain just falls off the smallest cog, turn the crank forward, shift to seventh gear and tighten the higher set screw by turning it clockwise with a screwdriver. It is best to keep pulling, knowing that the smallest cog is directly below the chain in the upper pinch roller. Then, if the chain comes off the upper cog, you will have to turn the crank forward and, using your screwdriver, shift it to first gear. This will tighten the lower set screw as you turn clockwise and it will also lower the derailleur onto the flywheel. Finally, turn the top wheel and stop when the chain is aligned with the bull gear, shift to check the alignment.
* When the chain is climbing up the gears too slowly
A slow move could mean the derailleur is excessively slack, then it means you need to go and fix the problem and you need to accelerate and move to 7th gear. To set and adjust the derailleur, you need to tighten the tube and then check again to see if it runs smoothly.
* Gears or noise during gear changes
When this is sent, the surface cable tension is too high. Correct it by turning the crank forward to the seventh position. This process will move the chain to a smaller cog and loosen the barrel adjuster of the shedder. Then, turn the hairspring barrel adjuster halfway in a clockwise direction and, afterwards, check that the gearshift is smooth.
* When the outer side of the gear is short
If the cable is old, friction and sluggish shifting may occur or may need to be repaired. The unit's cable should moreover be serviced or replaced once a year.


Your derailleur if in good working order then you will have a safe and enjoyable ride. But as long as you follow these steps above then you can adjust your e-bike derailleur effectively and the shifting problem could be brought on by other things. If the noise persists, another problem may be at play, so you may need to look into other potential causes.
It all depends on how well your bike performs, broken gears and chains or a sticking derailleur are all possible causes of noise. To prevent breakdowns on long trips, you must check that every part of your bike is in good working order as a way of keeping you safe. All you need is a screwdriver to adjust your e-bike derailleur. However, if you can't fix it, it's best to take it to the manufacturer, especially if it's under Green Pedel's warranty.

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