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How to make your electric bike last longer

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In order to extend the life of an electric bike as much as possible, you can take some simple steps to maintain it yourself

– Keep your electric bicycle clean. If possible, use a bicycle cleaner to clean it after each ride.


– Do not use spray cleaning or similar methods, as this will drain the grease that lubricates the bearings, and will also press water into the interior, which will corrode important parts.


– If you use a high-power hose, be careful not to spray water too close to the hub, bottom bracket, earphones, or other places that are usually greased.


– Some bicycle gloss products can leave a layer of protection on the paint, helping your electric bicycle to stay as new for a longer time. Be careful not to let these things get close to any braking surfaces!


– Use a suitable chain oil to keep the chain lubricated after cleaning and make sure it does not stay dry. Use wet lubricating oil in winter and dry lubricating oil in summer. (Wet lubricating oil stays moist, dry lubricating oil becomes dry).


– When not using the bicycle, try to store it in a dry place away from the natural environment.


– Keep the tires inflated properly. This will prevent uneven tire wear. This will also make your life easier because the rolling resistance of the bicycle is less. In turn, the motor works less and the range expands. This can make more differences than you think. (The tire pressure is always printed on the side of the tire).


Motor and battery maintenance


Recently, most motors are either sealed or unusable, so if something goes wrong, it will be replaced instead of repaired


The same is true for batteries; however, you can take steps to extend battery life. For example, fill it up, do not discharge it for a long time, do not leave it in the hot sun for a long time, the storage temperature of the battery is generally 25 ℃, if not in use, do not leave it in a cold environment for several months. It is also necessary for the battery to perform a charge-discharge cycle every three months to restore its original performance.


For most modern lithium batteries, it is best to fully charge the battery. So, even if you only do a relatively short 10-mile cycle on the road, it’s healthier to charge the battery after riding than to let it drain and charge immediately.

Simply put: electric bicycles really don't need more maintenance than ordinary carts, as long as you treat them correctly.


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