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High requirements for 250w motors

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As a 250w motor, G24 is very popular in the market. In addition to being more compliant with laws and regulations, it is also of very high quality and has better craftsmanship than other manufacturers’ motors.

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1. Magnet: The height requirement of magnet is 250w24H, while other manufacturers are generally 20H; all magnets are tile-shaped bent magnets; magnet material requirements: thickness 3.0mm, temperature resistance 110 degrees, demagnetization rate after 2 hours of baking is 5 Within %.


2. Silicon steel sheet: all use 0.35mm silicon steel sheet, 270 material. (All 300,310,400 are unavailable), and many manufacturers use 0.5mm silicon steel sheets. The thinner the silicon steel sheet, the higher the motor efficiency

3. Shaft: All with salt spray function, anti-rust. Other manufacturers generally use conventional blackening treatment. If this treatment is only used, the motor cannot be protected against rust for a long time.

4. The motor is generally used for speed measurement within nine cores, using Hall plate technology, and the Hall plate has a filtering and melting function. Ensure accurate speed measurement

5. Bearings: All motor bearings use human-based bearings, while other manufacturers use ordinary bearings. Human-based bearings are of better quality, rust-proof, and higher in hardness than ordinary bearings.

6. Engine oil: suitable engine oil viscosity, temperature resistance -20 degrees -180 degrees. Assemble the right amount of oil, not too much

More or too little

7. Nylon wheel: imported material, height 12mm, other manufacturers use ordinary material, height is 10mm, the better the gear material, the greater the torque that can withstand, the higher the height, and the corresponding increase in torque

8. Copper wires: all of them are resistant to temperature of 180 degrees; on the same stator, the color of copper wires has no color difference and maintains the consistency of insulation; other manufacturers generally only endure high temperatures of 150 degrees.

9. Motor assembly: Install in accordance with the operating instructions throughout the process, paying attention to the assembly details. Adjust with 10 thin spacers. Ensure that the movement of the motor is between 0.1-0.2mm, the motor is installed, listen to the sound, there is no abnormal noise, the motor is smooth, and the noise is below 60db;

10. Nut screws: Dacromet hardware is used for all motors. The motor cap is soft, with a hexagonal quality soft motor cap, and the screw is a rubber-resistant screw (not reused)

11. Marking: Mark the customer's mark and serial number on the motor according to the specified requirements of the order.

12. The appearance of the motor, and finally paste the V number, wheel diameter, motor power, and CE mark. The labels are consistent in size and beautiful.

13. Packing: The motor carton is Mekaniu card rigid board carton. The motor is not damaged during transportation.

14 Waterproof test: wash each side of the motor for 8 minutes with a 6-inch water pipe at a height of 1.5 meters, and there is no water ingress.

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