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  • Repair and maintenance of electric motors
    Repair and maintenance of electric motorsA motor is a rotating machine mainly composed of a stator and a rotor. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through the action of the magnetic field generated in the coil. These machines are pollution-free, constant speed, high performance (ab
  • Is the 250w motor for an electric bike enough?
    Most commercially available electric bicycles have a rated power of 250w. However, whether the 250w motor is enough to meet the needs of your electric bicycle is still controversial? This is a problem that most buyers will encounter; especially those who live in hilly areas. The main difference betw
  • Don't be afraid of the motor overheating
    There are many problems with the motor. Including those related to lubrication and voltage spikes. In addition, overheating can occur over time. An increase in the temperature of the motor will shorten its service life. The winding insulation is degraded, and the bearing may also be degraded. Reason
  • Torque sensing 250-350w watt mid-motor installation
    Step 1. Motor installationRemove the bottom bracket from the original bicycle. You'll need a crank pulling tool and bottom bracket removal tool. You should also remove your pedals at this point. The left pedal has a reverse thread and the right side of the bottom bracket has a reverse thread - usual
  • Learn more about electric bicycle motors
    Definition of electric bicycle motor The motor has different forms according to its use environment and frequency. Different types of motors have different characteristics. At present, permanent magnet DC motors are widely used in electric vehicles. The so-called permanent magnet motor means that th
  • Hub Motor VS Mid Drive Motor
    Who do you think can win the pk of hub motor and center motor? Deeply analyze the differences between the central motor and the hub motor What is a hub motor? As its name implies, the hub motor integrates the motor into the flower drum. After being electrified, the motor converts electrical energy



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