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7 questions about the electric bike controller

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Do you own an e-bike? If so, you know that a controller is an essential part of the bike. But what do you do if it breaks or stops working properly? In this blog post, we will answer some of the most common questions people have about e-bike controllers. We will also provide tips on how to keep your controller in good condition.

1. What is an e-bike controller and what does it do?

-What is an e-bike controller?

Electric bicycle controller is the core control device used to control the start, operation, in and out, speed, stop and other electronic devices of electric bike, it is like the brain of e-bike, is an important part of electric bicycle. Briefly speaking the controller is composed of peripheral devices and the main chip (or microcontroller). Peripheral devices are functional devices such as actuators, sampling controller circuit diagrams, etc. They are resistors, sensors, bridge switching circuits, and devices that assist the microcontroller or special integrated circuits to complete the control process.

A microcontroller is a computer chip that integrates a memory, a decoder with a signal conversion language, a sawtooth wave generator, a pulse width modulation function circuit, a drive circuit that enables or disables the power tube of a switching circuit, a square wave that controls the on-time of the power tube to control the motor speed, and input and output ports on an integrated chip.

-what does it do?

The e-bike controller is connected to every electrical component such as the battery, motor, sensors, display, throttle and pedal assist. It manages how the various electrical components work for a safe and smooth ride.

When you step on the throttle, the controller manages the speed of the bike by extracting energy from the battery through the motor. It is a microcomputer that receives input from the various components of the e-bike, such as the battery, motor, speed sensor, etc., and gives feedback in the form of outputs or responses. This feedback includes some statistics on the display or options for control, etc.

The e-bike controller monitors the health of the bike through sensors and performs safety functions.





Battery overcharge

Turn off the battery


Battery voltage is too low

Turn off the motor


High current flow to the motor

Reduces current and protects the motor and FET transistors


Braking action

Simultaneous acceleration and braking signals, priority braking

2. What are the different types of electric bicycle controllers?

-Hall-less Controllers

Hall-less is to drive the motor by detecting the reverse electric potential and does not require position feedback from the Hall element. The application of Hall-less controller can bring at least the simplification of motor manufacturing process and motor maintenance, which is more tremendous for improving the level of trouble-free operation of motor and reducing the pressure of after-sales service, which is the biggest advantage of Hall-less controller with lower cost.

-Hall controllers

The motor runs very smoothly, and there are Hall motors that can bring out certain characteristics in the starting state, such as high torque and smooth starting, so having a Hall controller still has its advantages.

-Square wave controllers

Square wave is a two-phase flow, the current is loud when the phase is changed, and there is a current gap when the phase is changed, which can only become smaller and cannot be eliminated.
Advantages: 1. simple matching controller more reliable; 2. inexpensive choice of large; 3. cruise relative to the sine wave control to save power

Disadvantages: 1. 0-5km / h between the start vibration; 2. noise; 3. acceleration and heavy load motor efficiency is low

-Sine wave controllers

Sine wave is a 3-phase flow, ABC phase have electricity, each point will be processed, increasing and weak magnetism as much as possible according to the algorithm line into a 90 degree angle. No load can not hear the difference, sine wave controller load when the waveform processing better, often load riding to feel the effect.

Advantages: 1. full range of quiet; 2. linearity is generally better than the square wave control; 3. climbing heavy load acceleration under higher motor efficiency

Disadvantages: 1. matching more trouble; 2. price than the square wave control is high; 3. controller itself power consumption than the square wave control

If you're wondering which one you should choose, it depends entirely on your needs. Figure out what you want to do with your bike and you'll have your answer.

3. Can I re-modify a controller? If I can, should I?

Many of our customers will have a DIY hobby, and perhaps you would prefer to buy it back and make the changes to the program yourselves. You can find e-bike controllers on the market that you can program yourself. Programmable controllers are those that allow you to change the settings such as power and speed or more.

However, there are many ordinary controllers on the market that are not suitable for changing the program. But it won't stop some fanatics from innovating changes, they want to change the normal controller to get more current for their e-bike as a way to increase the riding speed, or more voltage as a way to get a more comfortable ride.

But it's not a very good idea to make changes without following the rules. You can push the controller to overheat while riding if you are changing the design of the controller for a specific goal, and in some extreme cases it is likely to blow up, so changing it yourself is actually an unsafe option. In the market today, many e-bike manufacturers are able to offer customization services where you can provide your needs to customize your product and thus be able to get a product without the risk of using it.

Green Pedel, as a manufacturer of electric bikes for over a decade, can offer you a customization service, and it is a great choice for more wholesalers!

4. What special features can I do with the controller I want to order?

-Lights function: If the system with display, you can directly control the lights through the LCD display. If you don't have a display, you need an additional switch to control the lights.

-Reverse function: gear motor (containing nylon wheel inside), the order must be specified with positive and negative clutch motor to achieve reverse. Gearless motor, direct reversing function can be achieved. If you have a backward need, you can do reverse backward function, through the additional reverse switch to achieve it, the general backward speed will be slower, the regular 6km / h, at most can not exceed 10km / h.

-Horn function (generally for Brazil, Southeast Asia market, some lights on the car with its own horn).

-Braking counter-charging E-ABS function (Regeneration): 1S or 0.5S with 3-5A counter-charging in normal riding.

-Motor self-locking function: (need to be used with the alarm, when the car is parked, you will touch the alarm alarm when you go to move the car, when the alarm alarm, this time the controller will be self-locking the motor, resulting in the wheels can not be moved, the motor stuck.

-Power halving: The legal restrictions on e-bikes on the road according to national policy.

What kind of e-bike you want determines what kind of controller you need. The above are the controller functions that can be achieved, and what kind of functions you need depends on what kind of needs you need.

5. When should I replace my e-bike controller?

Like other parts, e-bike controllers wear out over time. On average, if you take good care of your e-bike by keeping good charging and discharging habits, keeping it clean, and protecting it from extreme weather, the battery, motor, and controller will last three to four years or longer. As soon as you notice signs of wear and tear on the controller, such as flashing lights or strange noises, check it for health. You can do a basic check yourself, or you can take it to a professional repairman for an inspection. If it does show signs of damage and is beyond repair, you should buy a new controller to replace it.

Whether or not your controller can be repaired depends on how badly it is damaged. If the damage is too severe, it is actually an unwise choice to spend time and effort to repair it. Also, basically all parts have a life span, don't go beyond that to use it or you could be putting the health of your e-bike and your safety at risk.

It is worthwhile to add that the replacement controller must pay attention to the matching with the display, they need communication protocol between them, otherwise a controller that looks the same in appearance may not match the use after replacement.

6. What is the price of an electric bike controller?

The price of a controller varies depending on its performance. On the low end, you can find it in the $20-$60 range and it will have some basic e-bike assist options and limited features. The higher end controllers are priced between $200-$500 or more. The higher priced controllers can offer more features and can be adapted to more motor power. Often programmable e-bike controllers that you can adjust yourself are usually on the higher end of the price spectrum because it can provide you with more features and give you more convenience for getting around.

So, there are high and low prices for electric bikes, it all depends on what kind of features you need, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for, a controller that is too low priced is not necessarily very good, and a feature that is too high priced may not be something you can use, so when you choose a controller you must know what features you want.

7. How do I find out which controller I should buy?

When you don't know what kind of e-bike controller to buy, you can consult experienced e-bike riders, repair store owners, retailers, etc. Make sure you talk to people who have the expertise to determine which controllers on the market are worth your investment.

Do your research on the type of e-bike controller you want to buy. Match the requirements of your original controller or the requirements needed for the bike, go research the market for this type and see what other buyers have to say about the controller you are looking for, observe if it is of good quality or if it needs frequent repairs, etc.?

You may choose to buy a motor and controller kit instead of purchasing them separately, only then you will be able to solve the matching difficulties in the shortest possible time, which is very important for a novice e-bike rider.

If you don't want to buy an e-bike kit, then make sure your controller and battery current match. This will ensure that your e-bike runs properly.

As a wholesaler, it is best to source parts from an e-bike manufacturer. As an e-bike manufacturer they can offer a more comprehensive range of products and provide you with expertise and some after-sales support, which makes it easier for you to go for a long term partnership.

In summary

The controller is the brain of the e-bike. It monitors most of the e-bike's performance and tells it what to do. Controllers with or without Hall, sine wave and square wave all have their advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide to buy a controller, you must know your needs, go to market research, and choose the right product for you based on local policies and regulations and the market. For those consumers who want to change the controller settings, please consult a professional e-bike manufacturer instead of causing irreparable damage to your e-bike.

If you have any questions about electric auto controllers, feel free to leave a comment!

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