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Some Questions You Want To Know About Our Company

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1. What does our company mainly do?

Green Pedel is a manufacturer that aims to provide design, development, manufacture, sales and technical support services for electric bicycles and electric bicycle conversion kits. We have a professional team including designers, engineers and marketers.

We have a technical team with more than 20 years of e-bike experience to provide customers with the most professional services in the industry.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the electric bike kits, providing customers with the most cutting-edge products in the industry.

More than 15 sales teams, 365 days online service, to provide customers with the most timely electric bicycle solutions.

We can help you complete online marketing, material supply, website operation, etc., and help you better develop electric bicycle and electric bike kits!

2. What are our company's vision and values?

Our Mission: To Make More Convenient Travel Options and Improve Transportation for Daily Life

We provide professional-grade, high-quality personal electric vehicle technology. Our mindset of sustainability and environmentally-friendly electric bicycles reinforce the benefits of GreenPedel’s international lifestyle improvement initiative.

Our Vision: Become the leader in the electric bicycle space by innovating the industry and providing quality products.

GreenPedel’s current competitive edge in the PEV industry comes from our expertise in manufacturing and distribution practices. We provide innovative solutions through practices of resource optimization and streamlined manufacturing integration.

3. What are the advantages of our company?

You will find many advantages of GreenPedel reflected within various aspects of our business, primarily in:

① Rich experience: After 10 years of development, GreenPedel has learned and grown from experiences within the electric bicycle industry. Our experiences have led us to become very reactive to our industry as well as lead in industry developments. We work to provide cutting-edge products and services that will lead the market.

② Strong Company Culture: The unique management styles of our three female founders have influenced GreenPedel’s strong corporate culture. A delicate approach to management has led to a strong reaction in manufacturing capabilities. Their delicate management strengthens product quality management.

③ Agent Empowerment Policy: GreenPedel does not just offer outstanding manufacturing solutions to our partners, we also assist in managing marketing and e-commerce platforms.

④ Always In Stock: Due to COVID-19, the electric bicycle market is currently growing beyond expectations. GreenPedel’s decision makers accurately predicted market demands, and prepared a large quantity of goods to meet the needs of global partners.

GreenPedel will provide reliable, economical, and efficient electric bicycle modification solutions and products to global bicycle consumers. We want riders around the world to experience the joy of using a modern electric bike.

4. How do we provide customized services?

GreenPedel is engaged in OEM and ODM projects, and we also provide you with customized services for key components. You can customize your bike specs including frame (colors and logos), motor, battery, controller, display and more. Just tell us your needs and our professional engineers will help you complete the design.

5. Can I get some samples to check the quality?

Of course. We will send you samples from US warehouse. You can decide whether to cooperate with us according to the satisfaction of the sample, or if you think the sample needs to be improved, we can modify it according to your requirements.

For all products, we can provide paid sample service. We have abundant and sufficient inventory, which can meet the regular samples to be shipped within 48 hours after payment.

6. What services do we provide for dealer?

Through the years, electric bicycle sales have always been challenging. Traditional offline sales channels and sales methods are becoming outdated. Offline sales might have better influence on product testing experiences and after-sales services, but everything in between is becoming costlier and challenging. Markets are shifting to require more modern sales solutions.

The solution to the modernization of sales channels is to utilize online tools for sales and business management. With the power of the internet, your brand can expand across local borders, across the country, or even around the world.

Online sales can cover unlimited areas and allow business to expand to your capabilities. While this is can provide amazing business potential, it is crucial to provide solutions for expanding after-sales support.

While many other companies might find after-sales services a challenge and nearly impossible to control, GreenPedel has been working to develop an after-sales plan to cover the needs from customers around the world.

The GreenPedel team has detailed experience within the electric bicycles sales world. Our team can help your business start international promotion and grow your brand’s online exposure. Since 2019 , many consumers are shifting their habits, now wanting to shop more online than in traditional online sales channels.

Companies are forced to learn about e-commerce and online sales channels to remain competitive and allow for business growth. GreenPedel can help your business to grow and navigate the changing market structure.

Based on these changes in the market, GreenPedel has launched the ‘Agent Empowerment’ service to fully assist partners with international marketing in a wide range of guaranteed services, including:

① Production Level – GreenPedel will assist in the production of marketing materials, such as photos and videos.

② Web Design – We can help your brand develop an online presence using innovative software and web sales tools, such as Shopify.

③ Promotion – GreenPedel will assist or train your team to improve your promotion online through social media or search engine platforms.

We believe that GreenPedel’s agent policies are innovative and can provide true value and improvement for our partners’ growing businesses. A wealth of knowledge leads to wealth in business.

7. About our quality management

Product quality is the core of long-term partnership, so we have been constantly improving quality control management. For product quality management, we mainly start from the following aspects.

① incoming inspection

According to the incoming inspection standards formulated by the company, our inspectors need to complete incoming inspection within 24 hours after the materials are put into storage.

② inspection of semifinished product

For each accessory, we need to get the factory inspection report of the corresponding factory, and for the full set of electric bicycle kits, we need to carry out 100% inspection.

③ System loading test

We have dedicated cycling testers who, for new samples, arrange for loading and cycling tests outdoors to ensure the system fits and performs exactly the right way.

④ Finished product inspection

Before packaging, Quality Assurance will conduct a random test of 5% of the finished product according to the finished product inspection standard, and keep the inspection record.

8. About our Pre-Sale Services

We have more than 15 professional salesmen to serve overseas markets. For all inquiries, we require responses within 12 hours, and the average response time is within 5 hours.

During the product production process, we can provide you with the production video, and before the product is shipped, we can also provide you with the shipping video. If you have any needs, you can communicate with us, and we will provide you with guaranteed services.

9. About our After-sales Services

All ebikes provided by Greenpedel ,The warranty period of covered component shall be implemented in accordance with the following regulations:

E-bike component

warranty period

E-bike component

Warranty period


24 Months


24 Months


14 Months


14 Months


14 Months

bottom bracket

14 Months


14 Months

wheel hub

14 Months


14 Months


14 Months


14 Months


14 Months


14 Months

wiring harness

14 Months


14 Months

We have specialized after-sales service technicians, and different products have established different after-sales service processes. Our after-sales principle is to give feedback to customers within 24 hours without leaving any after-sales questions.

In addition to this, we have a 1-3 year warranty period for electric bicycle kits. If you want to know about specific related questions, you can contact us. The specific warranty time can be consulted according to the product, we will provide you with the best service.

10. How long does it take to process your order?

We will stock up on the product, if the product you purchased is in stock, we will ship it to you within a week. If the product you purchased is temporarily out of stock, it will take about 30 days and we will ship it for you. If it is a custom product, it will probably take longer.

The above are some questions and answers about GreenPedel, we are willing to be your trusted long-term partner! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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