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Basic Knowledge about E-bike Wheels

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The different types of e-bike wheels

You can classify e-bike tyres according to the terrain you ride on and your riding style.
E-bike off-road tyres
Mountain and road tyres are similar in size to off-road tyres. They are usually between 30-33mm wide, which is slightly wider than road tyres. To improve traction on muddy surfaces, the tyres may be almost flat, have tiny patterns or even have something like tiny spike mouldings on the surface of the tyre.
E-bike tyres for commuting
Daily commuters on e-bikes ride on rough surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. A top priority for commuting is being able to drive safely in tricky situations. Commuter e-bikes include flat, smooth and all-weather tread patterns that are ideal for commuter riding. Many commuter e-bike tyres are between 28-42mm wide as they may reduce tyre pressure, have more air capacity and a little wider tyre offers higher grip for comfort.
Road tyres
Road tyres will usually be thin, with a width of 23-25 mm and a very low gross weight. They are suitable for riding on asphalt and many people prefer to use road e-bikes because they have less ground pressure, are easier to accelerate and feel lighter to the rider. In contrast, road tyres are more likely to slip in wet conditions.
Mountain e-bike tyres
Mountain e-bike tyres are strong, wide and fat. These tyres generally have a strong grip that hugs the surface and provides maximum traction in challenging conditions. Mountain e-bikes are suitable for riders who spend most of their time riding on terrain such as sand, grass and dirt. Some mountain bike tyres are made up of natural rubber, which some people consider to provide better traction than synthetic rubber.

Different sizes of e-bike wheels

E-bike wheels vary in size from a very small 12 inches in diameter to a very large 29 inches in diameter. Because wheels affect how fast an e-bike can move, how much it rolls and how smoothly it rides, they affect the performance of an e-bike. Below we introduce you to a few of the most popular e-bike wheel sizes and their features.
E-bike wheels, 16inch
A foldable e-bike is usually a 16-inch wheel. Smaller wheels are used on folding e-bikes to reduce weight and to make them easier to transport when folded to the smallest possible size. Of course the corresponding small size is at the expense of the rider's riding quality. The short wheelbase and narrow turning radius can lead to over-sensitive steering. When climbing, the challenge of climbing is significantly increased as the smaller wheels require larger gearing to accelerate the turn to keep up with other riders.
E-bike wheel, 20inch
More common than 16-inch wheels, you may still see 20-inch wheels on foldable bikes. While 20-inch is slightly better than 16-inch, 20-inch wheels are still less resistant to cobbles and obstacles than larger tyre numbers, so this is a drawback for most riders.
E-bike wheells, 26inch
The 26" tyre has a long history in the e-bike industry and is probably the most common and popular wheel size. If you want to ride on road or off-road terrain, use 26" tyres as they are more suitable.
E-bike wheels, 29 inch
E-bikes with 29-inch wheels just appeared a few years ago, they have a larger diameter, lower rolling resistance and more ground contact. 29-inch tyres produce better traction and can roll over obstacles in the way with more power, which is one of their best advantages. In addition, larger wheels require less energy to maintain a constant speed due to their improved inertia storage. Not only that, but the 29-inch e-bike needs a higher standing height, so this is the preferred choice for taller people, but for shorter people you will struggle to get used to it.

How do you choose the right wheels for your e-bike?

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing the right tyres for your e-bike.
E-bike tyres are either fat or skinny, depending on the model it is. If you plan to drive on roads that are not very well paved or on rough terrain, stick to fat tyres, while flat roads are ideal for thin tyres.
E-bike wheels are an important part of an e-bike. Wheels are involved in pedal pressure, braking, bumps in the road and changes in direction. The quality of your wheels will undoubtedly affect your riding experience and riding safety, which is why wheels have such a wide impact.


You can improve your riding experience by choosing the right tyres for your e-bike. I hope this article has helped you to choose the nearest wheel size and type. Have fun driving safely!

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