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The most suitable ebike kit for different country

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If you don't want to buy an electric bicycle directly, the best way is to use the electric bicycle conversion kit to let you convert the bicycle you already have into what you want. 

Electric bicycles have entered the global dialogue on a large scale. They are suddenly everywhere, and everyone wants one. It's no accident, owning a car has many advantages: it makes the world more accessible, so it doesn't need to sit in the car and be isolated from the world, and it can also provide a good exercise. Whether you are looking for the best electric bike for commuting or riding the best electric gravel bike after work, the right electric bike can help you cope with longer days, steeper hillsides and heavier loads.

Of course, choosing a correct conversion kit for electric bicycles is undoubtedly the core issue before starting the modification. Because you must make sure that your modified electric bicycle complies with local traffic regulations, and the road conditions in different countries and regions are different. Therefore, in view of these problems and our sales experience in different countries, we will determine the most suitable electric bicycle conversion kit for different countries and regions.

The first country is Britain, which has just left the European Union. Due to the strict rules of 250W electric bicycles on the road in Britain, we would suggest to use 250W low-power motors for bicycle modification. The most suitable one is g24 250w ebike kit:

G24 5c

At the same time, there is this 250w bafang mid drive motor kit which is popular all over the world:

Bafang BBS01 36v 250w mid drive motor

Although the price will be much higher than that of hub motor kit, the sensory experience of the center motor will never go back. Of course, if you live in the suburbs, don't be restricted by road rules, and want to have a high-speed and exciting riding experience, then this D27 750W-1000W Gearless hub motor kit is definitely your best choice:


Similarly, for most EU countries, the rules of 250W electric bicycles on the road are very strict. Moreover, some countries even have speed requirements, so our recommendation is similar to the above, but according to local laws, some speed limit functions will be added. In addition to the G24 hub motor kit and Bafang 250w mid drive motor kit, there is also a 74SX hub motor kit specially designed for Brompton bike, which is designed for the unique opening size of Brompton bike.


Australia's recommended kit is similar to that in Europe, but for those who love speed, we recommend bafang 500W-750W mid drive motor kit:

Road rules in the United States are relatively loose, and there are many cycling enthusiasts, so the previous D30 1000W hub motor kit is recommended. In South America, the G24 250W hub motor kit is recommended for urban cycling, and D30 1000W hub motor kit is also recommended for mountain cycling. India, Southeast Asian countries, South Korea and Japan also recommend G24 250W hub motor kit. 

Of course, the power range of our electric bicycle retrofit kit is 200W-3000W, and the above is only recommended. For example, our 350 W-500 W G104 eBike Kit

g104 5c

and 750 W M58 eBike Kit

m58 6c

are also used all over the world. Some people even pursue speed to the extreme, and use the D45A 3000W Powerful Electric Bike Kit to refit their bicycles.


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