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Don't panic if the battery cannot be charged

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As the core three elements of the kit, the battery is the power source of the kit. However, the battery will not be able to be recharged after years of use. When encountering this situation, we must calm down and judge the cause of the failure to charge. Reason so that there is a solution


There may be several reasons why the battery cannot be charged:

1.Check if the charger is good

2. check if the charger port fuse in battery is broken.

3.check if the BMS board is broken

4.Check whether the battery is bad

For different possibilities, we need to verify to determine whether it is the cause of the failure to charge


1. Check if the charger is good. First of all, this is the simplest test. You can find a new or good charger to charge your battery. If it can be charged, you only need to replace a new charger.


2. Check if the charger port fuse in battery is broken. If charger is ok, please open the battery case and check if the charger port fuse in battery is broken.Normally, the charging port fuse will be blown when charger is broken or there is a shortcircuit in charging positive and negative.(If the fuse is broken, please change a 10A red charging port fuse.)


3. If charger and charger port fuse are good, Please find and pull out flat cable of BMS board, and then test the voltage of the every cable from negative cables to positive cables.If the error of every flat cable is less than 100mV, the BMS board is broken and we need to change the BMS.

Note: The replacement of the protection board requires a certain technical content, if you can’t solve it by yourself, please find a relevant professional

4.If the voltage drops below 2.5V when checking the cable, the battery is judged to be bad and cannot be repaired, and a new set of batteries needs to be replaced


As a dangerous product, the battery needs to be well maintained in daily life to prevent accidents. Finally, I hope everyone can use the battery safely.


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