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Why do electric bicycles have fat tires?

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Electric bicycles have been making waves in the bicycle world, and you may have noticed something unusual: their fat tires!

What is an electric bicycle?

The electric bicycle is a relatively new invention, but it is simple: just add an electric motor to an ordinary bicycle and you have an electric bicycle. These multi-functional marvels have automatic power or throttle, which can provide you with an extra speed boost when you don't want to exhaust yourself on steep hillsides or traversing rough terrain.


Electric bicycles are a convenient way to commute or exercise, with different assistance levels, which can provide you with the perfect electric motor assistance level when you are riding a bicycle. This is why electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular among bicycle enthusiasts and fitness-conscious people.


Why use fat tires on electric bicycles?

It seems easy to look at a fat tire electric bicycle and assume it is exactly the same as a regular tire but larger. But you are wrong. The increased surface area of the tires provides a wide range of benefits, giving the rider a completely different feeling on roads, trails, sand and even snow.

The following are the reasons for using fat tires:

lFat tire electric bikes can work on any terrain

Fat tires provide a lot of surface area and will come in handy during your riding. Compared with narrower tires, this thickness makes it easier for you to ride on sand, snow and ice, and swamps. You will also not find any problems dealing with slippery and rainy days-the fat tires give you complete control of your riding. As the assist settings increase, you will even notice a speed comparable to that of an ordinary bicycle.


lFat tire electric bikes are ideal for beach riding

You can go anywhere on a fat tire electric bike, which means you can even ride on the beach! Beaches are a popular holiday destination, or even a relaxing weekend oasis, but they are usually full of sand, which makes ordinary bicycle riding almost impossible-no longer! Fat tires allow you to ride on the beach flexibly and enjoy the scenery while cruising.

lFat tire electric bikes are very comfortable to ride

Fat tires require more air than regular tires, which means they are more shock resistant than standard wheels. So, what does this mean for your bike riding? Well, those bumps, sticks and holes on your road can be better absorbed by the air in your fat tires. This doesn't sound like much, but riding an electric bike with fat tires is one of the most comfortable rides you have ever experienced.


As a bonus, you can adjust the air pressure in the fat tire to change the position where you need support. The pressure of fat tires can be reduced to 10 or 15 psi, where they can better serve as cushions for rugged terrain, such as woods or hilly trails on uneven ground.

lMore durable than thin tires

The sheer thickness of fat tires compared to thin tires makes them very durable. Thin tires are known to break due to contact with ice, but fat tires do not seem to have this problem.

lUse Fat-Tire electric bikes to burn more fat or do more exercise

For fitness enthusiasts, riding fat tires will burn more calories than ordinary tires. Because of the extra surface area on the wheels, you must pedal harder on asphalt or other flat surfaces.

lFat tire electric bikes bring better all-round control and balance

As the tread and tire surface area increase, fat tires also provide more control and balance. This means you can make precise turns and maneuvers on forest trails and even hills, rocky mountains and other most ruthless terrain. The same surface area and tread provide the rider with more balance and greater platform and comfort.

lElectricity eliminates the disadvantages of fat tires on electric bicycles

Before electric bicycles, one of the common disadvantages of fat tires was that they made bicycles bulky and bulky, making it impossible to ride for long or long distances. With the motor included, you can get the extra zippers you need to prevent your riding too fast and becoming too tired.

lElectric bicycle pedal assist system provides versatility

When riding on fat tires, even on roads and other flat areas, it is easy to exhaust yourself. When this happens, you only need to switch the auxiliary settings to reduce the intensity of the exercise, giving you a chance to relax and breathe. In addition, when you use it in off-road conditions, the assist can provide you with a significant and reliable speed increase.

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