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  • Electric Bikes with Removable Batteries: The Future of Urban Transportation
    Electric bicycles have been gaining popularity in recent years as a sustainable mode of transportation. They provide a convenient way to cover long distances without breaking a sweat and are environmentally friendly, as they reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. One of the latest advancements in el
  • How to make your e-bike more efficient
    Want to make your e-bike more efficient? Discover pro tips for a more sustainable and eco-friendly ride. Learn how to conserve energy and maximize your battery life. Read on now!A key part of e-bike riding is battery management, we want that extra miles per charge. So today we're going to be giving
  • Common E Bike Maintenance Mistakes
    Don't go believing that an e-bike is riddled with maintenance issues, because that simply is not true. Just like a normal bike, their a simple beast to maintain. Now, a mountain bike in general is a pretty durable bike.
  • How To Cleaning An Electric Mountain Bike
    It's great fun getting out there in the mud in the wintry conditions on your e-mountain bike, but as fun as it is there's always going to be the big cleanup after, so today I'll be showing you how to wash your e-mountain bike.
  • The rapid development of electric bicycles in the USA
    300 million e-bikes are expected to be used in the world in 2023. That's about one e-bike for every 26 people globally. The level of ridership is almost doubled or more every year since 2015. And we see no, no, no slowing of that in the years forward as we look at fuel prices increasing and other ch
  • Tips For Cycling To Work By Electric Bicycle
    There are many benefits to commuting by bike. I mean, it's cheaper, you don't have to pay parking, taxi, bus, or even train fees. It's faster, you could shoot through the traffic that bit quicker, and it's good for the environment. Today, I thought I'd swap out the regular bike and take out elect
  • How to Tune Up Your eBike Like a Professional
    If you’re an e-bike owner, you know that keeping your ride in good working condition is essential. Not only does it ensure that you'll be able to enjoy your bike for years to come, but it also helps to keep you safe on the road.
  • The 10 best electric bikes you can buy in 2022
    Facing multiple global crises - the COVID-19 and climate change. In addition, due to the tension in the international situation brought about by the war, it also led to a rise in international oil prices to a certain extent, which made more people look for cheaper ways to travel.
  • Some Questions You Want To Know About Our Company
    Maybe you don't know enough about Green Pedel, this article will take you to know about our company!
  • As oil prices rise, what should you prepare as a wholesaler?
    Oil prices may continue to rise in the coming months, but now you must know something and know what you can do about it. As a wholesaler, you need to gain insight into the market and seize the market as soon as possible to get the maximum profit!
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