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Hub motor has a huge impact on the electric bicycle market

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The mass-produced hub motors in China have had a huge impact on the electric bicycle market. Due to the invention of the electric hub motor, there are a large number of electric bicycles on the market today. Thanks to the hub motor, electric bicycle manufacturers can use almost any bicycle frame to turn it into an electric bicycle. For better or worse, due to the simplicity of hub motors, almost any company can choose to become an electric bicycle manufacturer.

hub motor

You will find hub motors of various shapes and sizes... Cargo electric bicycles, beach electric bicycles, three-wheel electric bicycles, three-wheel electric bicycles, folding electric bicycles, etc. Since hub motors are mass-produced, they are also very affordable and reliable. Hub-powered bicycles may be the best solution for commuting electric bicycles.


Hub motor, it almost requires no maintenance. The bicycle hub motor is a completely independent drive system, keeping all its components in the motor housing, and there is nothing you need to mess up or maintain. Compared with other bicycle electric motors, the closed system also means that there are far fewer failures. This is good news for those who do not have time to maintain bicycle hub motors.


Because the bicycle hub motors are mounted on the rear wheel and run outside the bicycle chain drive, they will not wear the chain and gears like a mid-mounted motor. Therefore, the electric bicycle chain can maintain a long service life.


Hub motors for bicycles are also cheaper than mid-drive motors because they are mass-produced and do not require manufacturers to change the frame to suit a particular motor. Therefore, the hub motor is suitable for those who have no money to buy and want to save money.

hub motor kit

In addition, the hub motor itself also has huge advantages


1. Hub motor motors are mass-produced in China and are affordable.


2. The hub motor is easy to install by yourself.


3. Using a hub motor, you can easily convert almost any bicycle to an electric bicycle.


4. If damaged or worn, the hub motor is easy to replace.


5. Hub motors are easy to upgrade, and old ones can be resold.


6. Hub motors are easily available.


7. The hub motor has almost no moving parts.


8. The hub motor is quite reliable.


9. Riding with a hub motor, you will fit in perfectly with 90% of your e-bike friend


10.The appearance of the hub motor is quite concealed, and it is almost silent during operation.

If you want to develop your market and engage in this industry, you can start from the hub motor kit!

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