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Fat tire electric bicycle: should I buy one?

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Fat tire electric bicycles are a new trend. Recent research on bicycle technology has shown that thicker tires can provide greater cushioning and traction, which can help you ride more safely and in certain roads and weather conditions. Ride down faster.

What is a fat electric bicycle?

A fat tire bike has tires that are four to five inches and can take you to certain places that a mountain bike cannot. The tires cover a large surface area which is ideal to ride through terrain like soft sand, snow, loose gravel, mud, and rocks. The frame is specially designed to accommodate larger wheels and air pressure is between 5 to 30 PSI.


The wide tires of a fat tire bike allow the weight of the bike to be distributed over a larger surface area which reduces bumps and vibrations. They have better traction and suspension, can ride in all weather conditions, and have less maintenance. However, they are heavier than a typical bike and (can) cost more.


The benefits of fat electric bikes


Traction: Thicker tires mean higher speeds in corners, which gives you more confidence when riding a bicycle. Wider tires have more traction, which means your tires last longer on the ground compared to ordinary bicycles. Therefore, fat tire bicycles can stop faster and can cope with more difficult conditions. Wider tires mean a smoother riding experience, even when the weather conditions are not the best.


Flight attendant suspension: Wider tires also mean extra cushioning, making riding safer. When riding on rough terrain, suspension is very important, and fat electric bicycles contain more suspension to reduce the impact of bumps on riding.


Weather: Fat (tire) electric bicycles allow you to ride anytime, anywhere, even in harsh conditions such as snow, rocks, ice and snow.


Disadvantages of fat tire electric bikes


Slow: Due to the heavier frame and lower tire pressure, the overall fat electric bike may be slower than other models, especially when riding on the road.


Expensive: Due to the special components inside the bicycle, fat tire electric bicycles may be more expensive than basic hybrid or road bicycles. Most of the additional cost comes from wider wheels and tires.


Weight: Fat tire electric bicycles are heavy because they use special components, such as wider wheels and tires. They usually weigh about 35 pounds, while a basic electric bicycle weighs 24 pounds. Heavy axles mean you may have to put in more effort when peddling, but this can be offset by electric pedal assistance.




Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular because of their cheap maintenance, their ability to travel short and long distances at reasonable speeds, and their avoidance of environmental pollution. Next, I will share some of Greenpedel's fat tires. With the strong and reliable support of our professional technical team and sales team, Greenpedel can provide electronic system solutions for local and overseas customers in the first time.

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