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The advantage of Green Pedel

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Green Pedel is a reputable Manufacturer and trading company with 10 years experience on electric bike system, electric bikes, electric scooters and electric wheelchair.

Fixing on the company purpose of “Quality first, Customer highest,service are first-rate” and enterprise belief of “keep credit, stand public praise”.Participating in many exhibitions every year, we have the latest news and the newest products in the market .we can recommend the right products according to your requirements and the market conditions.

Company strength

Scale: The Greenpedel brand has been established for 6 years, the number of employees has reached more than 60, and the company area has reached more than 4,500 square meters. It is an integrated enterprise of industry and trade.

Industry experience: 11 years of deep cultivation in the overseas market of electric bicycles, 3 senior engineers in the industry, and more than 15 years of industry experience;

Production capacity: 100,000 sets of kits and 60,000 complete vehicles (per year)

Sales: TOP1 sales of kits on Alibaba platform

Certification: SGS, TUV factory site certification, ISO9001 quality management certification, health management certification, environmental management system certification


Payment terms: According to the customer's situation, payment terms such as L/C .OA can be accepted.

International market situation: The products can be sold all over the world. At present, more than 80% of the customer base is concentrated in Europe, America and Australia.

Warehousing: overseas warehousing (Poland, Germany, Spain, Russia) promotes rapid shipment and testing of sample orders, and a large amount of spare parts inventory promotes rapid shipment of small batches (orders of about 50 sets)

Transportation: Provide multiple transportation methods by sea, land, air and rail

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