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Moved to a new company!

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After careful planning and design, with the hard work of all units, the relocation ceremony of Changzhou Grenn pedel Co., LTD will be held on August 14, 2021.


The new company occupies an area of 2,300 square meters, with offices, workshops, meeting rooms, warehouses, exhibition halls, lounges, and restaurants all available, creating a comfortable and clean office environment for all employees of the company. On the basis of the continuous optimization of the new company's conditions, the staff's work enthusiasm has also been greatly improved, and better serve customers.



During the relocation ceremony, the directors of the company walked out one by one, holding symbolic things and expressing their blessings to the new company. Next, the general manager of the company made a speech, thanking everyone for their hard work, describing the huge changes that Changzhou Grenn pedel Co., LTD has made from its small place when it was founded to the total area of 4,600 square meters including the vehicle factory. Thank you for everyone’s support. , Effort and dedication. At the same time expressing more expectations for everyone in the future.


The bright doorway of the new company is printed with the company's name, and walking inside is a vast exhibition hall: mature motors, ebike and the company's trophies, medals, and certificates of honor are displayed. These also show the company's products and strength


The sales office has glass on both sides, and the lighting is very good. The neat arrangement makes the office clean and tidy at a glance. The air conditioners, printers, and even the network have been replaced, creating convenient office conditions for everyone.


The area of the meeting room has been expanded from a small environment in the past to a large meeting room that can accommodate the entire company. In addition to the most basic facilities, many products are also arranged around the other smaller meeting room. The function of a display can better observe the product at the same time as the meeting. The design of multiple meeting rooms allows multiple meetings to be conducted at the same time without conflict.


As a company that integrates industry and trade, the new company has a larger proportion of workshops: operation rooms, warehouses, restaurants, assembly workshops, test rooms, etc. The open space allows more finished products to be placed and corresponds to the company. Has a stronger storage capacity. Unlike other workshops, the company takes employees into account to a greater extent. Compared with other companies that only have fans, the company provides air conditioning to make workers more comfortable in the hot summer and cold winter. The good conditions created have also ensured the work efficiency of the workers.


The lounge, refrigerator, sofa, coffee machine, and magazines set up in the public area can ensure a good rest for employees after work. Combine work and rest, and get twice the result with half the effort!


Changzhou Grenn pedel Co., LTD moved to the new company, not only to protect the working environment of employees, but also to better serve customers !

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