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The e-bike accessories you must have

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You should know a bit about electric bicycle motors and batteries from previous articles, but an ordinary bike that wants to become a perfect electric bike motor and battery are still not enough, every electric bike needs additional gadgets and accessories to make up an electric bike and make it perform well. A regular e-bike can take you from one place to another, but without the right accessories it will not be able to take you to your destination.

E-bike accessories are vital to the proper functioning of an e-bike and these accessories make your ride more fun and easier. E-bike accessories can help you maintain your bike well and can assist you better, so you need to buy certain accessories for your bike.

We will then give you a detailed overview of the e-bike itself and what devices you need when riding it.


About the accessories you need for your e-bike


You can install a display on your bike, you can choose between LED or LCD displays. LED displays can generally only show you the basic functions of power and speed, while LCD meters can show you more functions such as: ambient temperature display, motor power display, booster gears and other functions that can show you more functions. This way you can observe the status of your car through the meter.

In addition to this, a point worth noting is that the display and the controller are usually sold as a package, as both need to use the same communication protocol. Therefore, if you need to buy a display, you need to ask the seller if the display you are buying is compatible with your controller, otherwise there is a good chance that it will not work.

-Pedal assist sensor

In e-bike terminology, PAS stands for Pedal Assist System, which is a generic term for a device that automatically powers the motor when you pedal, without the need to press the throttle on the handlebars. They can do this depending on how fast you turn the crank, the torque you apply to the pedals or some combination of these factors, and e-bikes with this behaviour are often referred to as pedalecs.

The main benefit of PAS on an e-bike is that you can get power assist without using the throttle. You wouldn't think that using the throttle would be a big problem, but on long journeys or commuting to work, always twisting the throttle to gain power can be a bit tiring and twisting the throttle can cause wrist discomfort. Yes, a first-world problem. However, when you fit PAS the motor engages automatically by riding, you don't need to do anything with your hands and it's very free, you can always adjust it to your state.

-Head and tail lights

If you are an off-road riding enthusiast, front etc. and rear tail lights are very necessary. Any experienced rider knows that when riding off-road, the whole environment is very dark when it gets dark and if you don't have adequate lighting, the unfamiliar roads you are riding on will make it very difficult.

A headlight will light up the road ahead and a rear tail light will act as a reminder to vehicles behind you, allowing you to stay safe in the dark and avoid possible accidents.

Front and tail lights are therefore essential for electric bikes, especially for those who like to travel at night.

-Front and rear racks

E-bikes usually do not have front or rear racks. However, racks can be very useful in certain situations, as they provide you with a storage space for your things. For example, when you are out shopping on your e-bike and you need a space to put your purchases, then a hanger can be useful.

In addition to this, more and more people are now happy to take their e-bikes on trips. If you have children, then you can fit a child seat on your back seat so that you can take your children with you, and not only that, you can also put your pets in the front rack and take them on a fun outing with you.

Some cargo electric bikes are becoming more and more popular at the moment as they have front and rear racks which can help more people with some placement issues.


A saddle is a necessary accessory for every bike, but when you are modifying an electric bike, the comfort of the saddle is also very important. An e-bike will go faster during the ride because you are likely to have bumps in your ride, so a comfortable saddle is important. An uncomfortable saddle may also lead to health problems for you, such as spinal problems.

For your ride to be more comfortable you have to have a comfortable saddle on your e-bike. You can buy these saddles from the market and easily fit them to your e-bike. The saddle can be chosen according to your needs and the type of e-bike you want, for example: racing, comfort, cruiser, etc. When you choose a saddle you need to pay attention to the following elements: shape, size, saddle curve, padding, etc.

These are not the only accessories that make up a complete e-bike, there are also brakes, horns, throttle, kickstand etc. And here we have to introduce you to Green Pedel, a company that has 11 years of experience in this area of e-bike kits and can offer you a one-stop shop where you can buy a number of products without having to look for them one by one.

About the accessories you need for your ride


When you ride you must wear a helmet, a helmet is the most important accessory to save your life. A helmet protects your head from injury in the event of any unfortunate incident or accident, especially if you like to go riding on extreme roads, wearing a helmet is a definite necessity.

And according to traffic rules around the world, helmets are a must. Therefore, if you are a responsible citizen, you must comply with the laws and regulations.

For those who like to ride at night, it is also necessary to use a helmet with reflective material, or to put reflective strips on your helmet. This material produces a bright light when illuminated and wearing such a helmet helps other drivers on the road to see you from a distance, so that any situations that do not work can be avoided.

-Cups/water bottle holders

If you want to get on your e-bike for a long ride then taking a bottle of water with you is essential. Most likely most people will choose to carry a rucksack, but what you need to know is that riding will make you sweat and then the rucksack will become a burden to you, so fitting a water bottle holder to your e-bike is essential.

Water bottles are necessary when you are on long rides or trail rides, so you can buy a water cup holder afterwards and attach it to your e-bike so you can use it right away when you need it.

-Safety glasses

If you are a regular rider or a professional rider then safety glasses are also necessary. When you ride you may encounter all kinds of weather and in windy conditions goggles can help to block some dust particles from getting into your eyes. In hot weather, safety glasses can help to block direct sunlight, thus protecting your eyes and making your ride safer.

Safety glasses can be your normal glasses. However, better safety glasses have extra protection, such as curved edges to protect the sides of your eyes.

-Sturdy lock

When you go shopping at the supermarket or out on an outing, whether your e-bike will be ridden by other people when you reach your destination is an important issue to consider. You can avoid the risk of theft by having a lock for your e-bike when you arrive at your destination.

Of course there are a number of factors to consider when you buy a lock such as strength, reliability and price. When locking your e-bike you need to place the lock in a place that is difficult for a thief to reach and open, preferably your front tyre or the support bracket and chain area at the back of your e-bike.

-Tyre slime

Tyre slime is also something you need to take with you on your ride, in the past if your e-bike got a puncture from a sharp object then you would need to go to a specialist repair shop to get your tyres patched, but tyre slime can help you with first aid when travelling, this technology is very well established, tyre slime can patch up your tyres in a hurry and it is safe for you to continue your journey. Whether you are commuting to and from work or on any off-road adventure, it will provide you with a smooth and tension-free ride that you can use with confidence.

Of course, there are many other factors to consider when you ride, and you need to have a good enough strategy to support you on an off-road adventure.


The accessories for the e-bike itself and the accessories that you need to have when riding are an essential part of every rider's life. However, choosing some accessories for your e-bike is sometimes a subjective matter, as it all depends on your needs and preferences. However, it is an established fact that additional accessories will make your riding experience better and more enjoyable.

E-bike accessories can also help to improve your riding performance and provide you with extra security and safety. An expert rider will know that having useful e-bike accessories is very important if you want to spice up your ride!

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