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The 10 best electric bikes you can buy in 2022

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Facing multiple global crises - the COVID-19 and climate change. In addition, due to the tension in the international situation brought about by the war, it also led to a rise in international oil prices to a certain extent, which made more people look for cheaper ways to travel. This makes us have to pay attention to the changes in the surrounding environment and find a safer and more reliable way to travel.

Recently, we have found that if we want to reduce environmental pollution through our own behavior, we need to find a low-carbon and environmentally friendly way. In terms of travel, we can find that electric bicycles can be used instead of cars to make our travel greener, and it can help us save more money.

For years, e-bikes have been bulky, inconvenient, expensive, and limited battery life forms of transportation. Slowly, that changed. As designs continue to improve, technology becomes more reliable, and functionality continues to expand, e-bikes are now lighter, more attractive and more powerful than ever. Their presence reduces traffic congestion and reduces air pollution!

So we did research on e-bikes. In order to facilitate you to make a better choice, we have carefully selected 10 electric bicycles for you, you can choose according to your needs.

Our pick of the best electric bikes of 2022

Best Utility Electric Bike: Rad Power Bikes RadRunner

Best Cheap Electric Bike: Aventon Pace 500

Best Folding Electric Bike: Lectric XP 2.0

Best Cargo Electric Bike: Blix Packa Genie

Best Cargo Electric Bike for Families: Urban Arrow

Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bike: Electric Bike Company Model X

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike: Green Pedel GP-F5

Best Mountain Electric Bike: Yeti 160E T1

Best Road Electric Bike: BULLS Alpine Hawk

Best Fast Commuter Electric Bike: Trek Allant+ 9.9S Stagger

Ebikes initially break down into the same categories as conventional bikes: mountain and road, plus niches like urban, hybrid, cruiser, cargo and folding bikes.

Next, we will give you an introduction on how to choose an ebike.

How to Choose an EBike

According to the current market, the iteration of electric bicycles is getting faster and faster, and there are more and more styles. But as a consumer, how to choose the most suitable electric bicycle for you, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • Battery: With more and more styles of electric bicycles, more and more manufacturers will integrate electric bicycle batteries into the electric bike, making the whole more beautiful. In addition, there are rear hanger batteries, semi-hidden batteries and other styles.

  • Motor: In general, cheaper e-bikes use a rear hub motor, and a mid driver motor tends to be more expensive, but it provides better balance. Motors are also rated according to their power, measured in watts. For general commuting, a small motor is sufficient, unless you plan to climb very steep hills or ride long distances, then you will need a large motor. So, the motor is also a factor you need to consider when buying an electric bike.

  • Components and Accessories: What else does an e-bike come with? Does it come with a rear hanger, bag, lights and fenders? Beyond that, what else can be offered?

  • Tires: Since e-bikes can sustain higher speeds for longer periods of time than standard bikes, you need extra control. Different widths of tires are required according to different occasions. Wider tires have greater traction. If you are riding on snow, you need wider tires, so the choice of tires is also very important.

  • What does the manufacturer say it is used for? : In a market full of options, what is unique about this bike that sets it apart from the competition? What was this bike designed for, and how well does it perform that purpose?

  • Value: How much did you spend on the e-bike? Is the bike you're buying great value for money? Compared with the same type of electric bicycles, does your ebike have high cost performance? After investigation, we found that Green pedel's electric bicycles are more cost-effective.

The above points are all you need to consider when choosing an electric bicycle. Only by continuous comparison can you buy the most suitable electric bike for you.

Best Utility Electric Bike: Rad Power Bikes RadRunner

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner


Battery: 672Wh lithium battery

Max distance: 25-45+ Miles

Controller: 48V 750W


Flexible enough

Small cargo and commuting e-bike

Provide customized services

Has excellent battery life

Low frame aids handling


Rub your legs when you pedal

No hydraulic disc brakes

The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner is somewhere between a small cargo e-bike and a commuter e-bike, and it's flexible enough to exceed your expectations.

You can install baskets, bags, seats, and more on the bike, and that's enough to turn it into a small cargo electric bike. It's a 750w rear hub motor with plenty of torque for hills, rough roads and plenty of power. In addition, Rad power manufactures a wide range of accessories exclusively for RadRunner that you can customize to suit your needs.

All in all, we think the RadRunner is a great vehicle for versatile use.

Best Cheap Electric Bike: Aventon Pace 500

Aventon Pace 500


Battery: 48V 12.8Ah lithium battery

Max distance: 24-47 Miles

Speed: up to 28mph


Taillights integrated into the frame

Overhauled colors and graphics

Included adjustable stem for a better rider fit

Full suspension

Integrated battery, more beautiful


Designed for peri-town areas, not a dedicated commuter model

When stopped or slow, the motor assist function will be very strong

When it comes to e-bikes, it's often thought that a comfortable ride is the antithesis of speed and good looks. But Aventon put the idea behind it with its latest Pace 500 electric bike.

Aventon has revamped the Pace 500 and Pace 350 in 2022, keeping many elements of the previous version while updating the bike's looks, electronics and overall functionality. Aventon completely redesigned the e-bike’s chassis with an updated frame and fork, now with integrated batteries, and neatly tucked the taillights into each frame.

Since the Pace 500 and 350 use the same frame and fork, the two models have a nearly identical profile. The $1,700 Pace 500 is just $300 more than the Pace 350. But the details differ, the Pace 500 is $300 more expensive, but you get a more powerful motor, a 28-mph top speed, hydraulic disc brakes, an 8-speed drivetrain, and adjustable stems on the Pace 500. Getting a lot of extra value for a relatively small price hike makes the Pace 500 the better choice for most people.

Best Folding Electric Bike: Lectric XP 2.0

Lectric XP 2.0


Battery: 48V 9.6Ah lithium battery

Max distance: 17-45 Miles

Speed: up to 28mph


Cheap price

Strong power and fast acceleration

Easy to store and transport

Large LCD display

3" tires provide traction


Weight is a bit hefty

Not the most comfortable for long hours in the saddle

It may not be the fanciest or highest-spec folding e-bike on the market, but there's no denying the Lectric XP 2.0 is a huge hit. It's popular for good reason: Not only is it incredibly cheap at around $1,000, it's actually a pretty fun electric bike.

This is the second iteration of Lectric's folding fat tire electric bike. Released in 2021, this new version features a 500W motor, suspension fork, mechanical disc brakes, and a 48V, 9.6Ah battery that has a long range.

The XP 2.0 is a meaty little folding bike that reminds me of those old electric bikes that were popular in the late '80s. It's not super fast or overly nimble, it's very rideable, and it won't let you down.

The Lectric XP 2.0 captivated us with its sheer affordability and fun factor. To be clear: There are more premium folding bikes out there for different needs, but this one is the best option people have for an affordable folding bike.

Best Cargo Electric Bike: Blix Packa Genie

Blix Packa Genie


Battery: 614Wh*2 (dual battery)

Max distance: up to 80 Miles

Hub-Moto: 750W


Dual lithium battery

Low center of gravity and easy handling

Heavier loads that can be carried

Have smart mounting points

Have a great value


Chain may move while riding

With more and more families opting for cargo e-bikes, this requires cargo electric bike manufacturers to think about how to accommodate a variety of cargo needs. Maybe a parent wants something to ride with their kids, or a courier wants to get to their destination faster and safer, and the Blix Packa Genie firmly captures that market demand.

The Blix has up to 200 different accessory configurations to choose from, so no matter what you're doing in the cargo e-bike market, the Blix Packa Genie is a great option tailored to your needs.

The Blix Packa Genie features a 750W hub motor, powerful hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors and a 614Wh dual battery. In addition to this, rear seat cushions and child safety seats can also be provided according to your needs.

This cargo electric bike is a worthwhile purchase for many families!

Best Cargo Electric Bike for Families: Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow


Battery: 500Wh lithium battery


A sturdy and adjustable three-point belt provides safety during the ride

Suitable for riding on different occasions

Can carry up to 250 kg

Long range


More expensive

The all-new 2022 Urban Arrow family electric cargo e-bike can take you and your kids wherever you want to go. Not only can it carry your kids, you can also put groceries or ride to shop, you can easily traverse the city or enjoy a trip to the woods, the beach.

The child seat of this electric cargo bicycle has a low center of gravity, so it can provide a certain amount of safety. The 500Wh battery will keep you riding for a long time. The Urban Arrow series is equipped with a powerful and reliable Bosch motor, so you don't need to worry about quality, we have a strong quality guarantee. You can also choose a more suitable battery according to your needs and terrain.

This family cargo electric bike will be an excellent choice for your family travel!

Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bike: Electric Bike Company Model X

 Electric Bike Company Model X


Battery: 12-36Ah lithium battery

Max distance: 40-50 Miles

Motor: 1250W max output


Has a longer warranty

The Model S is easy to get the hang of

Model S keep you comfortable for many miles

The motor engages fairly well

Provide customized services


Heavier weight

Pay attention to the center of gravity when adding accessories

The Model S from Electric Bike Company is a classic-style beach cruiser with a step-by-step frame.

The Model S is powered by a rear hub motor and has four battery options: 12Ah, 18Ah, 30Ah or 36Ah units (a front basket is added to accommodate the battery on the last two options).

Given the speed and heft of this e-bike, the brakes are hydraulic, and you can customize the drivetrain between a single-speed and an optional 7-speed drivetrain.

Best of all, this electric bicycle can all be customized. It's really cool that everything from paint to battery size and drivetrain can be chosen by the buyer. There are even wood fender and chain guard options, and you can paint the battery pack with faux wood paint to match.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike: Green Pedel GP-F5

Green Pedel F5


Battery: 48V/10.4Ah lithium battery

Max distance: 50-80 Miles

Max speed: EU:25km/h, USA:32km/h


Low price

LCD display

Front suspension fork

High power motor

Provide customized services


Not suitable for short people

Stones hitting the fenders will be noisy

As one of the latest fat tire electric e-bikes to be released in 2022, the Green Pedel is worth buying.

It's a great value, and you can get a fat electric bike for under $1000 with a 500w motor, suspension fork, and a full-color LCD display. A large enough battery can support you to drive further distances. It has achieved a version of the hidden battery design, making the ebike more beautiful. To be able to buy such a fat tire e-bike at this price can be said to be very perfect.

A 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and 7 levels of pedal assist give you plenty of options. This fat tyre electric bike uses hydraulic disc brakes to better ensure braking performance. The streamlined frame geometry and tires are upgraded for a more comfortable, ergonomic ride, and the low-span design makes riding even more enjoyable.

Best Mountain Electric Bike: Yeti 160E T1

Yeti 160E T1


Battery: 630Wh lithium battery

SHIFTERS: Shimano XT, 12-Speed

Motor: Shimano EP8


Easily climb steeper hills and ride through difficult terrain

Brings unprecedented adjustability, speed and performance

Hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power

Tubeless-ready rims and tires for a smoother ride


Bumps when entering corners with faster speed

without a geometry adjust option or the ability to fit in an angleset

The appearance of Yeti 160E T1 has brought mountain electric bikes to a higher level. Updates for 2022 include a 720Wh battery with longer range, adjustable geometry, and a new lower-priced model.

This mountain e-bike handles fast enough to react to sudden awkward turns on the trail and rides fins and ridges with precision and confidence.

Replacing the battery on the 160-E is easy, so if you buy an extra battery, you can keep your ride going. But in terms of range, you can choose different batteries depending on the conditions. All in all, this mountain electric bicycles definitely meets the needs of most professional riders.

Best Road Electric Bike: BULLS Alpine Hawk

BULLS Alpine Hawk


Battery: 36V 7Ah lithium battery

Motor: Fazua Evation 255W

Speed: up to 20mph


Lightweight, quiet and responsive

Very compliant on rough roads

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Detachable drivepack


Less frame size

The BULLS Alpine Hawk EVO is a new type of ultra-light electric bike that combines the pedaling performance of a traditional road bike with a small and lightweight battery and motor, which can make you ride more smoothly on more rugged roads. In addition, you can also remove its drive package (including battery and motor), after removal, you can get a normal road bike.

Of course, there is some controversy about an e-bike at this weight. From a human traditionalist perspective, the Alpine Hawk's 33.5 lbs is high for a high-performance road bike, but from an e-bike perspective , its motor and battery combo is arguably underwhelming.

But for general customers, this electric bicycle is very suitable for people who are curious about electric road bikes.

Best Fast Commuter Electric Bike: Trek Allant+ 9.9S Stagger

Trek Allant+ 9.9S Stagger


Battery: 625Wh lithium battery

Motor: Bosch Performance Speed, 85 Nm

Speed: up to 28mph


Quality parts from Bosch and Shimano

Range Boost lets you add a second battery

Carbon frame and fork


Very expensive

Matte frame smudges easily

The Trek Allant+ 9.9S features a full carbon fiber frame and fork, Shimano XT drivetrain and brakes, and a Bosch Performance Speed motor that can top out at 28mph.

For consumers, it's even better: it's Range Boost compatible, allowing you to load a 500Wh Bosch battery into this bike, doubling your driving range and making it even better for longer rides line of people use. Compatible with the COBI.Bike app via Bluetooth, the Bosch smartphone hub display lets you charge your phone, play music, get directions, make and receive calls, track data, and more.

However, this electric bicycle also has certain limitations. You can't put too many things on the rear hanger because it's very limited in size. The matte design of the frame may also make it difficult for you to clean your e-bike. But all in all, it's an electric bike worth buying.

The above ten types are the most worthwhile electric bicycles we have selected for you in 2022. We have also made a detailed description of their advantages and disadvantages. You can check the configuration of the electric bicycle according to your needs, and Then choose an electric bike that suits you best.

You also need to take into account local policy factors when purchasing an electric bicycle. Next, I will introduce you to the rules and regulations of e-bikes. More best electric bike is on the road.

Electric bike rules and regulations

There are many places where strict controls are placed on the speed at which e-bikes can travel. Maybe you have a lot of confusion about where to ride. For example, some cities have banned the use of electric bicycles in bicycle lanes, and therefore officially divide electric bicycles into three types:

  • Class 1: A bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and that ceases to assist when the bicycle reaches 20 mph. Trail users can use Class 1 e-bikes on motorized trails and forest roads that are open to bike use and motorized use.

  • Class 2: A bicycle equipped with a motor that may be used exclusively to propel the bicycle and that is not capable of providing assistance when the bicycle reaches a speed of 20 mph. Trail users can use Class 2 e-bikes on motorized trails and forest roads that are open to bike use and motorized use.

  • Class 3: A bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and ceases to assist when the bicycle reaches a top speed of 28 mph and is equipped with a speedometer. Class 3 e-bikes can only be used on motorized trails and forest roads signed open to motorized use.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Trail users with disabilities can use class 1 and 2 e-bikes on nonmotorized trails where bikes are allowed with an ADA parking placard.

So check your local regulations before you buy. And always wear a helmet.

The above is our introduction to this article. I hope our article can bring you some inspiration or help you solve your confusion. If you have other suggestions or ideas about this, please contact us!

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