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Safety precautions for accidentally turning on the motor power

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Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular now, but sometimes there are some dangers. When you accidentally turn on the motor, you will be in a dangerous place. When encountering this situation, keep calm, and then you can protect some behaviors. Own


1. Turn off your electric bike kit

Use the power button on the display to turn off the electric bike kit. If you do not want to use the electric bike kit or motor power supply, we also recommend that you turn off the battery. This way you won't accidentally start the motor by stepping on the accelerator and/or pedal when the motor kit is open, but you don't need any help from the motor.

2. Adjust the pedal assist level (PAS Level) to zero 0

If you want to keep your motor kit turned on so that you can easily start the motor again when you are ready, we recommend setting the pedal assist level (PAS level) to 0. Use the minus (-) button to adjust your PAS level to zero. When your motor kit is turned on and you set the PAS level to 0, your motor will not be able to engage and assist you to step on the accelerator or pedal.

3. How to cut off the power of the motor when riding and using the power of the motor:

When you use the motor power for riding and want to cut off the motor power, you can brake, stop the pedal, and stop using the accelerator

To turn off the pedal auxiliary power immediately, use Ebrakes!


Stop pedaling and stop using the throttle, the motor power will remain active after a few seconds, and then stop completely.


It is a very dangerous thing to accidentally open the battery of the motor. Knowing this can protect yourself.

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