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Greenpedel traction head of wheelchair

View: 18421/05/2020  

Greenpedel's latest product, wheelchair traction head, has 350w of high power and can easily turn your wheelchair into an electric wheelchair.

1000W hub motor kit

Different from the normal electric wheelchair kit, this product does not need to disassemble the original wheelchair components during installation, only needs to directly install the traction head to the front of the car. Just fix the two sides to the wheelchair, and the whole disassembly process can be completed in one minute.When assembling done it just like a normal tricycle.

electric wheelchair

Different from our other electric wheelchair B2 tractor, the traction head of this wheelchair has a certain improvement in speed due to its enhanced operability, which will better meet your use requirements.At the same time, this model is equipped with a double disc brake system, braking is more accurate and faster.


electric wheelchair

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