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Green pedel JQ electric wheelchair kit

View: 20731/03/2020  

Green pedel JQ new design electric wheelchair kit, Now the operation has become more convenient and the safety factor is higher. At the same time, there has been a good improvement in driving range and other aspects.


Now wheelchair cars generally have two kinds of braking methods, electronic braking and electromagnetic braking. The electronic brake of electric wheelchair has the same principle as the electronic brake with reverse charging of electric bicycle. When the operating lever is in the middle position (without touching the operating lever), the brake type will be given to the controller (equivalent to the state when the electronic brake handle brakes). The program is started, and the Hall signal will be manually (program-controlled) adjusted at the same time of power failure to make the motor in the reverse state, equivalent to reversing the magnetic field to achieve the effect of rapid braking. The so-called reverse braking.

The electromagnetic brake (eddy current retarder) is an auxiliary braking device for vehicles. When we depress the brake pedal and direct current is applied to the stator coil of the retarder, a magnetic field will be generated in the stator coil, which forms a loop between adjacent iron cores, yoke plates, air gaps and rotors. At this time, if there is relative movement between the rotor and the stator, this movement is equivalent to the conductor cutting the magnetic lines of force. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, induced current will be generated inside the conductor, and at the same time induced current will generate another induced magnetic field. There will be an acting force between the magnetic field and the existing magnetic field, and the direction of the acting force will always be the direction that hinders the movement of the conductor. This force is the source of braking force.

A2升级 不会溜坡.jpg

Total Weight: 10KG(without battery)

Max Load: 130KG

Speed: About 2km/h---7km/h

Rim Size: 20" 22" 24"(inch)

Max Climbing Angle: 12°

Overcurrent Protection: 18A

Appropriate temperature range: -15℃---50℃

Braking: electric brake/electromagnetic brake

Motor: 24V 250W Dual-drive brushless gear motor

Packing Size: 24": 62*62*42(cm)




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