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New Conversion Kit-M58 Conversion Kit

View: 53204/01/2020  

2020, we introduce a new 500W 750W E-bike Conversion Kit: M58 Conversion Kit. M58 motor is a Gear motor. 500W ebike kit M58 is a real 500W high-speed motor, with small size and high torque, 50 N.M. The material grade in the motor is high, it is not easy to damage, and it has been tested by the market and time.

500W ebike kit

There are 20 pieces of magnetic steel in M58 motor, the reduction ratio is 1: 5, the height of the magnetic steel is 22, and the temperature of the stator coil is 180 degrees. Can do front motor M58FD, rear motor M58RD, rear cassette motor M58CS, front motor open gear 100mm, right shaft center line, rear motor open gear 142mm, left shaft side line. The maximum load speed can reach 38-45Km / h. There are 5 kinds options of M58 motor:36V / 500W, 48V / 500W, 48V / 750W, 52V / 500W, 52V / 750W.

500W ebike kit factory

What are you waiting for? Isn't so small light and powerful enough Gear Motor to keep your heart beat? (Other accessories in the kit can be ordered according to the regular kit.)

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