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Visit by Mr. Nikita

View: 29014/12/2019  

As Christmas approached, Mr. Nikita took time out to visit Green Pedel. Accompanied by Snow and Cindy, they visited the product display area and inspection area, and were deeply impressed by Green Pedel's strict inspection process. Cindy and Mr. Nikita confirmed the details of the cooperation orders.Snow also introduced and demonstrated the latest products to customers. The customers tried some products, and the new products were unanimously recognized by customers. These products are suitable for the European market, and we believe that they can be promoted successfully in the later stage.


Afterwards, Snow and Cindy took Mr. Nikita to visit the famous scenic spot "Tianning Temple" in Changzhou. Mr. Nikita's handsome and humorous impressed the two ladies.They had a sunny and pleasant afternoon.


Before leaving, we asked Mr. Nikita to leave a signature on the signature wall in honor of Green Pedel's growth. Mr. Nikita also wrote "Green Pedel is the best!" He is really a great gentleman! We hoped that future cooperation will satisfy both parties.


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