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September results of Green Pedel

View: 33928/10/2019  

September is the planting month, and October is the harvest month.

The annual Alibaba Shopping Festival has just ended. In this "battle", all members of the Foreign Trade Department have paid a lot of efforts. Now they have also harvested a lot. They reached the sales target they originally set.

In order to inspire all members, Green Pedel decided to give awards to those who achieved great results.Not even the money ,Also many gifts.


Congratulations to everyone!

Green Pedel hope that we will make persistent efforts in the future work, cherish the achievements and honors, regard the honor as a new starting point, and devote more full enthusiasm to future work. I also hope that other colleagues will use this as a model for learning, and truly enhance the awareness of serving customers, work together and create greater glories!

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