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Spring tour of Green Pedel

View: 23228/10/2019  

April is a good time for the spring tour!

On April 30th, Green Pedel organized employees to participate in the Longtouzhu and Zhouzhuang two-day tour. The aim is to let everyone relax, stay away from the stress of work and get in touch with nature.

The office staff prepared and coordinated in advance.Everyone gathered in the morning. After about 2 hours drive we arrived at the destination. Looking around, the mountains and green waters are surrounded, and everything is vibrant.

At noon, everyone gathered to start a self-service barbecue. With the drizzle of drizzle, everyone worked together to prepare delicious food. In a collective atmosphere, everyone enjoys the food and the beautiful view. After lunch, everyone also participated in group games and enjoyed it.

In the evening, we went to Zhouzhuang by bus for the night. The antique Zhouzhuang has a unique charm in the night. Everyone was drinking at the bar, listening to the folk songs, and also taking a boat ride.

During this spring tour, everyone relaxed their body and mind, eased the pressure brought by work and life, and enhanced the good relationship between colleagues.

I believe that in the future work, Green Pedel people will devote themselves to their jobs with more full enthusiasm, and contribute their strength to the company's vigorous development!


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