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October birthday party

View: 32928/10/2019  

In this season of sweet osmanthus, Green Pedel ushered the employee's birthday in October.At 13:00 on October 25th, the Green Pedel meeting room was dressed up. The whole party sounded a happy birthday blessing song. The birthday stars made a wish together, blowing candles and cutting the cake. The company also gave each employee a beautiful gift.

Happy birthday to Mike, Cindy, Amy, YOYO and Liwei!


"Caring for Employees" is the corporate management philosophy that we have always adhered to. The company's growth is inseparable from the efforts of every employee, so that the company can go further and further. Therefore, with the strong support of the company's leaders, Green Pedel holds a birthday party for employees every month. Through such a meaningful activity, every "GreenPedelor " can feel the deep affection of the company and feel the warmth and happiness of the big family of Green Pedel, thus turning this happiness into motivation and putting it into the future. In the work, create a better tomorrow with Green Pedel!


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