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New arrival dozens of fashion electric bike

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Our whole vehicle factory produced the latest batch of samples some time ago, all of which are the latest fashion models in 2021, mainly electric mountain bikes and electric tricycles. Power is biased towards high power of 500w to 750w, which is more suitable for off-road and heavy load.

First of all, this small electric bicycle, aluminum alloy frame, with a power of up to 750w and tires of 20*4.0, allows you to show your driving skills very conveniently, and the maximum speed can reach 45km/h. White, black and orange are available.

electric bike

electric bicycle


The next one is fat tire electric folding bike. Front and rear disc brakes, whole body aluminum alloy frame, LCD muti-function display. The maximum speed of 42km/h allows you to enjoy the power of this little beast.


The following off-road electric bike is worth mentioning. The driving mileage is greatly improved without affecting the beauty of the whole vehicle. The two batteries have the capacity of 48v 10.5Ah and 48v 17.5Ah respectively, and the driving mileage can easily reach more than 120km, which can meet almost any travel demand. At the same time, the red and black color matching and the domineering appearance of the off-road vehicle also make this electric bicycle full of value.

double lithium battery electric bike

The next mountain bike has two different frames, which are divided into men's and women's models. The women's models are blue in color, the men's models are orange in color, 26*4.0 tires, aluminum alloy frames, front and rear disc brakes, 48v 500w motors and 48v 10.4Ah batteries.

ebike for men

ebike for women

At last, the same fat tire electric folding bicycle is introduced, which is the same tire of 20*4.0, but this electric bicycle is thicker and more suitable for acrobatic riding.There are blue and green to choose from.


electric bicycle

This time, I will introduce it here first. Next time, I will introduce the following electric tricycle and two Mid drive motor electric mountain bikes.

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