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How long can the battery of an electric bicycle last?

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The battery on the new electric bicycle can last two to five years. The service life of an electric bicycle battery is determined by three main factors:


1. The type and brand of the battery used

2. How many times has the battery been charged during its service life

3. The age of the battery


Before the rider needs to change the battery, a single electric bicycle battery can be charged thousands of times, and each charge allows the rider to travel about 100 to 120 kilometers on a standard electric bicycle.


The following is a quick overview of different types of electric bicycle batteries, as well as some suggestions for extending battery life.


Why charging cycles are important for electric bikes

The battery life of an electric bicycle battery depends on the number of recharges (each charge is called a "charge cycle"). When the battery power is depleted from 100% to 0%, this counts as a charging cycle.


Going through these cycles will slowly age the battery and shorten the duration before it needs to be recharged.


Should you often charge the battery of an electric bicycle?

When your electric bike reaches a charging range of 30-60%, you should usually charge its battery.


Some people mistakenly believe that infrequent use of batteries can extend battery life. In fact, not using batteries can do more harm than good.


The batteries of electric bicycles and other battery-powered devices discharge even when not in use. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as self-discharge. Excessive self-discharge can also cause irreparable damage to the battery of the electric bicycle, so you should make sure to use it actively.


When should I replace the battery of the electric bike?

If your battery has been used for two years or more and you start to notice performance degradation, your battery life will slowly come to an end. Insufficient power and even voltage fluctuations indicate that the battery of the electric bicycle needs to be replaced.


Another sign that the battery is depleted is that it needs to be recharged more frequently. If you find that your battery is charging more frequently than in the past, it has begun to age and should be replaced.


How to extend the battery life of an electric bike

Like any other electronic device, the durability of a battery is directly related to how much you care about it. For example, external factors such as temperature and humidity can affect the life of the battery, so you need to make sure not to leave your electric bicycle outdoors for a long time (especially if you live in a place like Phoenix, Arizona).


Here are some tips to improve the battery life of an electric bike:

1. Use the charger that comes with the battery as it is optimized for charging.

2. If your battery looks overheated, don't start charging. Instead, let it cool first.

3. Do not lower the battery power to 0%. Instead, recharge it when it is half used.

4. If you plan not to use the electric bicycle for a long time, be sure to remove the battery. Also turn on the battery from time to time to avoid excessive self-discharge.

5. Unplug the 100% power source to avoid overcharging the battery of the electric bike. If you charge the battery at night, make sure to unplug the power first when you wake up.

6. Store the battery in a cool and dry place. This can be done by parking your electric bike in a cool place or a place without direct sunlight.

7. When cleaning the battery of an electric bicycle, please use a dry towel-don't get it wet. Water can cause further corrosion of the battery, so do not inadvertently shorten its life while maintaining the battery.


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