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Greenpedel G24 36V 250W Geared Hub Motor Electric Bike System

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Greenpedel the most popular 336V 250W Geared Hub Motor Electric Bike System, 250W wheel drive system.250W geared brushless motor, speed limited to 25kph for road legal.imitation torque controller with multiple functions and protection features, sine wave and square wave for can choose your favorite display.whole system is waterproof.powerful enough for city travel.
36V 250W geared hub motor electric bike system is a game-changer in the world of eco-friendly transportation. Its efficient design, ease of installation, and low maintenance make it an attractive choice for both beginners and experienced riders. With this system, you can enjoy a smooth and effortless ride while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • GPG24K

  • Green pedel

  • 36V 250W

  • 36V 11AH

  • 36V 15A

  • LCD


Product Description




Noise is less than 55db, which is lower than most electric bike kit on the market. Travel quietly and live happily


The weight of the whole kit is only 6kg, which reduces the negative of the whole electric bike. Smaller and more beautiful


It takes only 5 minutes to convert your bike into an electric bike by this electric bike conversion kit


Comply with most national road standards, with low prices, giving you the highest cost performance


Related Accessories

_DSC7842 gai1000                

G24 motor


DP-5C battery


15A controller


LCD7 display


130X throttle


115PDD ebrake






Voltage    36V Top speed    28KM/H

Power    250W Range    50KM-70KM

Controller    KT 36V 15A sinewave Battery    36V 11AH (read more)

Display    LCD7 (read more) Total weight    6KG

Setup information

Wheel size    16"-28"(700C) Motor dimension    GP-G24(read more)

Rim    Aluminium double wall rim 1.5-1.95 Brake fitting    Disc brake/V brake

Eyelet    36H Spoke    12g/13g

Power coating    Silver/Black Matching models    MTB/City bike

The 36v 250w Geared Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Battery can be said to be a basic electric bike conversion kit which is very suitable for road driving. This 36v 250w electric bike conversion kit includes 36V 250W Geared Hub Motor, a lithium battery, electronic controller, throttle, display, ebrake Lever, PAS. It can meet all the requirements of transforming ordinary bicycles into electric bicycles. At the same time, you can also choose an extra controller box to place your controller more aesthetically, and choose front and rear lights to meet your night travel needs.

With regard to the 36v 250w motor, you can freely choose front wheel, rear wheel or rear cassette wheel. Of course, you can also ask us for flywheel. This motor is suitable for 6-9 flywheels. In terms of rim size, we can choose from 16 inches to 29 inches, which can be adapted to both large and small models.

In terms of controller, we can customize many functions, such as lamp function, horn function, reverse function and so on, and at the same time, we can choose whether the whole system is waterproof or not. In addition, we can replace all other accessories. 

In terms of battery, you can choose whether you need down tube battery or rear rack battery. We have dozens of different battery cases to meet various needs. We have Chinese cells, LG cells, Panasonic cells and Samsung cells to choose from, and there is a very large capacity range to choose from.

We have several to dozens of different schemes to choose from for other ebike parts. We have dozens of different LED display, LCD display andcolorful display, large screens or small screens is both okay. We have different ebrake and brake sensor, the latter is mainly to avoid replacing theoriginal brake handle of bicycle. We have a large number of thumb throttle and twist throttle with different functions, some of which can even replace display. We also have PAS with different number of magnetic points to choose from,  prefer the way of stepping on the power? Then choose ahigh-quality PAS to assist you.

The road driving requirement in most countries is 250w, so this electric bicycle conversion kit is undoubtedly the best choice, which allows you to choose different riding modes under different situations. If you have a shop or even a factory that needs to purchase electric bicycle conversion kits,we have many preferential activities for batch purchase. No matter whether you are 100 sets, 1000 sets or even 10,000 sets, we can always meet your needs.

Advantages of Geared Hub Motor E-Bike Kit

Advantages of 36V 250W Geared Hub Motor Electric Bike System

Advantages of 36V 250W Geared Hub Motor Electric Bike System

In today's fast-paced world, e-bikes are widely welcomed as an environmentally friendly and efficient means of transport. Among the various components that make up an e-bike, the 36V 250W Geared Hub Motor Electric Bike System is a key transformation.
  • Enhanced Range

    One of the primary advantages of this system is its ability to provide an extended range. The 36V battery can store more energy, allowing you to travel longer distances on a single charge.
  • Efficient Power Delivery

    With a 250-watt motor, the power delivery is smooth and efficient. You'll experience consistent acceleration and improved climbing capabilities.
  • Reduced Maintenance

    Geared hub motors are known for their durability and low maintenance requirements. Since the gears are sealed inside the hub, they are less exposed to external elements.


  • Is the 336V 250W Geared Hub Motor Electric Bike System suitable for hilly terrains?
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    Absolutely! The motor's power delivery makes uphill rides much more manageable.
  • How far can I travel on a single charge with this 36V 250W Geared Hub Motor Electric Bike System?
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    The range varies depending on factors like terrain and rider weight, but it can often exceed 50 miles on a single charge.
  • Can I retrofit my existing bike with this 36V 250W Geared Hub Motor Electric Bike System?
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    In many cases, yes. Consult with a professional to determine compatibility and installation options.
  • How does the 36V 250W Geared Hub Motor Electric Bike System?
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    The motor uses a geared system to provide assistance to the rider. When you pedal, it amplifies your effort, making riding easier and more efficient.
  • Can I install a 36V 250W Geared Hub Motor Electric Bike System on any bicycle?
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    In most cases, you can retrofit a 36V 250W Geared Hub Motor Electric Bike System onto many standard bicycles, but compatibility may vary. It's essential to ensure that your bicycle frame and fork have the necessary mounting points and spacing to accommodate the motor and battery. Additionally, it's recommended to consult with the system manufacturer or a professional bike mechanic for a proper installation.



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