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Don't be afraid, it rains while riding an electric bike

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It is great to travel on sunny days, but rainy days are also inevitable. Electric bicycles are waterproof like traditional bicycles. Even if they are not completely waterproof, they can withstand rain to some extent. Therefore, riding an electric bicycle in the rain is not a problem.

Tips for riding an electric bike in the rain

It is necessary to understand every detail to avoid getting cold, wet or worse, which could damage your bike. These tips will ensure that your experience in the rain is as comfortable and safe as possible.


1. Waterproof yourself and your things

The most difficult part of riding an electric bike in cold or wet weather is the first pedal stroke. Once you start riding, it will become easier. However, it is also necessary to keep dry and warm while riding an electric bike. This is where you and your bike are waterproof.


2. Use mudguards

Electric bicycles and other ordinary bicycles are usually resistant to rain. The drivetrain can withstand water splashes. However, this does not mean that you should get the electric bike wet too soon. In addition, these safety features will not let you freely let debris and water from the road splash on your electric bike.


How do you protect your bike from debris? With mudguards. Mudguards can protect your bike from mud and water.


3. Reduce the tire pressure of electric bicycles

Adjusting the tire pressure is another way to enjoy a comfortable ride on rainy days.In wet or slippery conditions, you need to reduce the tire pressure to 10psi to increase traction. This method is very simple. Lowering the tire pressure will make the tire more in contact with the road than usual. This will provide your electric bike with better grip and avoid falling.


4. Use your lamp

When riding an electric bike in the rain, please be aware that you will share the road with other vehicles. There are trucks, buses, vans, cars, scooters and other cyclists like you trying to pass in the rain. Just like you, every road user is dealing with the riding and driving challenges brought about by rain. Among all these obstacles, having light and good visibility can help. You will be able to see and navigate in the rain.


5. Watch out for slippage

During rains, gasoline or whoever will usually rise to the road. This will make your regular asphalt more unpredictable. Therefore, please pay attention to slippage to avoid slipping from the electric bicycle. In addition, you should always try to avoid puddles or standing water.


6. Always slow down and brake as early as possible

Although riding in the rain can be fascinating, it is better to slow down rather than ride faster. This helps you avoid accidents, which may be caused by wet roads and poor visibility.Wet roads and poor visibility mean that you dont have much time to react to puddles and obstacles in fast mode. This may cause an accident and may damage your electric bicycle.


7. Dont lean when approaching a corner

E-bikes are fun to ride, but avoid cornering as hard as a professional, especially in the rain. Don't lean in the corner when riding in the rain. Instead, apply the brakes slowly when approaching the corner. Choose a line that allows you to turn easily without tilting. This will ensure that more of your tires are firmly on the road, providing you with complete stability and balance.


8. Protect your electric bike

Protecting your electric bike means you must take precautions. Just like any other bicycle, improper maintenance and exposure can sometimes permanently damage your electric bicycle. However, random travel in the rain will not damage your electric bike.


If you must ride an electric bicycle in the rain, be sure to cover the display screen (if your bicycle has a display screen). Also, as soon as you arrive at the shelter, try to dry and clean your bike. Monthly maintenance and chain lubrication is the correct way to properly maintain an electric bicycle.


Other precautions for riding in the rain

1. Always avoid excessive rain

When riding in the rain, always avoid staying in it for too long, especially in heavy rain. Electric bicycles are expensive, and it is not ideal to damage them after a short ride in the rain. If it rains too much, it is best to wait or avoid it altogether.


2. Use precautions

Always apply insulating grease on the electrical contacts of the electric bicycle. This will ultimately prevent contamination and corrosion. This gives your electric bike an additional advantage when it maintains its function in wet conditions.


3. Be sure to wipe the battery dry after riding on rainy days

Drying the electric bicycle battery is as important as drying the electric bicycle itself. Even after riding in the rain for a period of time, it is not ideal for your bicycle battery to remain moist. Remove the battery every time it gets wet and clean it with a dry towel.



Finally, although you will enjoy riding an electric bike in the rain, it is essential to slow down and take proper precautions. In order to keep your bike working for a long time, please apply all the steps above to get the best results. Stay safe-even in the rain.

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