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Tips for installing the kit

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When you purchase kits with high expectations and want to install your bicycle, you often encounter such confusion: Should I install and use them correctly?


This is a common problem when just buying a kit. Next, we will explain it step by step. We divide the installation into 4 stages: 1. Install the motor, 2. Install the battery 3. Install the accessories 4. Connect and test


If you are not clear, we have prepared a video so that you can understand the correct installation


1. Install the rim with the motor

Since our kit is a rim with a motor, you must first buy a suitable rim, and replace the original old rim with a rim with a motor.


2. Install the battery

For the Tube battery just screw it to the existing holes on the downtube. Check that there's enough space for the battery and the cables below.

Punch holes in the right position, fix the battery base, and then insert the battery. You can also click on this video, which explains in detail how to install the downtube battery


If you have a rack battery, click this video

rack battery

3. Install accessories

On the front fork of the bicycle, install the brake lever, throttle, and then fix it. According to the display, install it in the middle position (there are also some displays installed on the left and right sides, depending on your display)

In the position of the pedals, install PAS


4. Connect and test

After confirming that the connector is connected correctly and avoiding crooked insertion, after the correct connection is correct, and every part is operating normally, you can enjoy your riding!


After the installation is completed, the precautions and daily maintenance of each part are also very important. We will share in the next article!

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